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Meeting Date: 8/16/2016 <br /> <br />FROM: Carrie Mattingly, Utilities Director <br />Prepared By: David Hix, Deputy Director – Wastewater <br /> Jasmine Diaz, Assistant Program Manager – WSC <br /> <br />SUBJECT: WATER RESOURCE RECOVERY FACILITY PROJECT – <br />ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT REPORT CERTIFICATION AND FUNDING <br />APPLICATION REQUEST <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATIONS <br /> <br />1. Adopt a resolution certifying the Water Resource Recovery Facility Project Environmental <br />Impact Report; and <br />2. Adopt a resolution supporting the pursuit of Clean Water State Revolving Fund grant and <br />loan funding, and authorizing staff to submit the environmental component of the State <br />Revolving Fund financing package; and <br />3. Adopt a resolution in support of enhancing and expanding partnerships for the Water <br />Resource Recovery Facility Project. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION <br />Background <br /> <br />On July 7, 2015, Council adopted the Water Resource Recovery Facility Project Facilities Plan <br />and authorized the issuance of a request for proposals for design engineering services. CH2M <br />was awarded this contract in November 2015. CH2M is close to completing the preliminary <br />design phase which consists of the development of a preliminary design report (PDR) and 30% <br />drawings. <br /> <br />Today’s Action <br />A resolution certifying the EIR (attachment A) is a required action before construction can begin <br />on the WRRF project. It is also required as a step in obtaining State Revolving Fund funding. <br />Adopting the additional resolutions (attachments C and D) related to the WRRF Project will <br />provide needed tools for staff to continue efficiently and effectively moving the project forward. <br /> <br />Figure 1, following, shows the timeline for the next steps in the project through full design. <br /> <br />12 <br />Packet Pg. 253