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website) <br />3) Information presented to the Planning Commission at regularly scheduled meetings that <br />began in in August 2017 <br />4) Coordination among various City departments and with the County Airport staff in <br />preparation for the Airport Land Use Commission (ALUC) hearing(s) <br /> <br />The stakeholder and resident interview summary, and the community workshop summary are <br />available on the City website: <br />directory/community-development/planning-zoning/zoning/zoning-regulations-update <br /> <br />Summary Updates <br />During the study session, staff will describe the following key improvements and updates for the <br />Zoning Regulations: <br /> <br />1) Re-organization of the document <br />2) Table 9 (Uses Allowed) and Land Use Definitions <br />3) Neighborhood compatibility and edge conditions1 <br />4) State Housing Legislation <br /> <br />Topics Requiring Discussion and Policy Direction <br />During the update effort, City staff and the consultants have identified eight issues that require <br />policy direction from the Council. This report includes additional information on each of the <br />following topics: <br /> <br />1) Evaluate how density is calculated and consider changes to implement LUCE objectives <br />2) Encourage flexible density in Downtown <br />3) Consider regulation of rooftop uses <br />4) Review adequacy of the City’s alcohol outlet regulations <br />5) Consider tiny homes on wheels <br />6) Remove barriers to the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) <br />7) Consolidate and streamline the development review process <br />8) Update the parking regulations to reflect modern practices and mode shift objectives <br /> <br />PUBLIC INPUT PROCESS <br /> <br />To date, the process of updating the Zoning Regulations has involved interviews with <br />community members; the April 12, 2017 joint study session; a community workshop on June 3, <br />2017; regular updates with the Planning Commission; internal interaction among City <br />departments; and weekly phone calls with the MIG team. As of mid-March 2018, the draft <br />revised Zoning Regulations were approximately 75 percent complete, and Planning staff is <br />reviewing preliminary drafts of various chapters with the Planning Commission. <br /> <br />Stakeholder Interviews <br />As reported at the April 12, 2017 joint study session, in February and March of 2017, City staff <br /> <br />1 Transitions between uses: from lower to higher density residential uses, and from nonresidential to <br />residential uses. <br />Packet Pg 16 <br />2