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counci ljAGO') OA Rep ORt <br />'Meeting Dat e <br />9/25/1 2'Item Number IC3• <br />C I T Y O F S A N L U I S O B I S P O <br />FROM :Michael Codron, Assistant City Manage r <br />Prepared By :April Richardson, Administration Executive Assistan t <br />SUBJECT :RESOLUTION SUPPORTING CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT RESTRICTIN G <br />CORPORATE SPENDING IN THE ELECTORAL PROCES S <br />RECOMMENDATIO N <br />Adopt a resolution supporting a Constitutional Amendment or legislative actions restricting corporat e <br />spending in the electoral process and ensuring that only human beings, not corporations, hav e <br />constitutionally protected rights of free speech. <br />DISCUSSION <br />On September 4, 2012, Council received a presentation from Move to Amend, encouraging adoption of a <br />resolution in support of the movement to restrict corporate spending in elections . Council directed staff to <br />evaluate the issue and return with a recommendation on the September 25 agenda . <br />The U .S . Supreme Court's 5-4 ruling in Citizens United v . the Federal Election Commission rolled back lega l <br />restrictions on corporate spending in the electoral process by abolishing legal limits on personal an d <br />•corporate spending. The ruling endowed corporations with constitutional rights and protected corporat e <br />spending under the Constitutional Amendment of free speech . <br />Move to Amend is a coalition of organizations and individuals that supports an amendment to the Unite d <br />States Constitution to state that inalienable rights belong to human beings only, and that spending money o n <br />campaigns is not a form of protected free speech under the First Amendment and can be regulated . Move to <br />Amend has successfully petitioned hundreds of municipal agencies across the country to adopt resolutions <br />restricting corporate funding in elections . <br />Adoption of the attached resolution by the City Council would support a Constitutional Amendment a s <br />requested by Move to Amend . The attached resolution was modeled on those adopted by other jurisdiction s <br />in the State . The resolution focuses on the overwhelming impact on the electoral process that results fro m <br />allowing unlimited spending by corporations to influence elections, candidates, and policies, and states tha t <br />the City of San Luis Obispo recognizes the importance of fair and democratic elections . <br />FISCAL IMPAC T <br />There is no fiscal impact associated with adoption of this Resolution . <br />ATTACHMEN T <br />Draft Resolution <br />nsaWtional amendment reso (codmn)kar-mnsOWEonaamentlresodocx• <br />C3-1