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Agenda-Updated on 11/13/15 <br />Bicycle Advisory Committee <br />Council Hearing Room, City Hall, 990 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo <br />Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 6:30 pm Note early start time <br />MISSION: The purpose of the Bicycle Advisory Committee (BAC) is to provide oversight and <br />policy direction on matters related to bicycle transportation in San Luis Obispo and its <br />relationship to bicycling outside the City. <br />ROLL CALL: Peter Deragon (Chair), Jim Woolf (Vice Chair), Lea Brooks, Paula Huddleston, <br />Catherine Machado, Howard Weisenthal, and Randol White. <br />PUBLIC COMMENT: <br />At this time, the public is invited to address the Committee concerning items not on the agenda <br />but are of interest to the public and within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Bicycle <br />Advisory Committee. Comments are limited to five minutes per person. The Committee may <br />not discuss or take action on issues that are not on the agenda other than to briefly respond to <br />statements made or questions raised, or to ask staff to follow up on such issues. <br />MINUTES: Minutes of September 17, 2015. Approve or amend (Attachment 1) <br />ACTION ITEMS: <br />1. Avila Ranch Bicycle Facilities (Attachment 2, 3, 4) <br />2. San Luis Ranch Bicycle Facilities (Attachments 5, 6, 7) <br />3. 2016 Paving Areas (Attachment 8) <br />4. SLOCOG's Highway 227 Operational Analysis- ITEM ADDED 11/13/15 <br />DISCUSSION ITEMS: <br />5. Committee Items <br />• Adopt -a -Trail Sub - Committee Report <br />Newcomers Sub - Committee Report <br />6. Staff Items <br />• SLOCOG's Edna Price Trail Draft Plan- ITEM ADDED 11/13/15 <br />Bicycle Friendly Community Award <br />• Railroad Safety Trail and Bob Jones Trail Updates <br />• Transportation Staffing Update <br />ADJOURNMENT: The next regular meeting will be held January 21, 2016 <br />The City of San Luis Obispo is committed to including the disabled in all of its services, programs, and <br />y activities. Please contact the Clerk or staff liaison prior to the meeting if you require assistance. <br />