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RESOLUTION NO. 10586 (2014 Series) <br />A RESOLUTION OF THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SAN LUIS <br />OBISPO, CALIFORNIA, APPROVING UPDATES TO THE LAND USE <br />AND CIRCULATION ELEMENTS OF THE GENERAL PLAN <br />INCLUDING ASSOCIATED AMENDMENTS TO THE SOUTH BROAD <br />STREET AREA PLAN, NOISE ELEMENT, SAFETY ELEMENT, AND <br />CONSERVATION AND OPEN SPACE ELEMENTS; AND, APPROVING <br />AMENDMENTS TO THE GENERAL PLAN LAND USE DESIGNATIONS <br />FOR SPECIAL FOCUS AREAS ASSOCIATED WITH THE GENERAL <br />PLAN LAND USE AND CIRCULATION ELEMENT UPDATE PROJECT <br />(GPI/ER 15 -12) <br />WHEREAS, the City desires to update its General Plan Land Use and Circulation <br />Elements (LUCE) with policies to guide development based on logical infill development <br />patterns that discourage urban sprawl and provide for safe, high quality residential <br />neighborhoods and supportive amenities and services; and <br />WHEREAS, the City was awarded a Strategic Growth Council Grant and the work scope <br />authorized by Council and the State Department of Conservation included the following items: <br />• Community input regarding the physical, social, economic, cultural and <br />environmental character of the City in order to develop a vision of San Luis Obispo <br />through 2035. <br />• A comprehensive guide for decision - making based on land use, design, circulation <br />and access, sustainability and the preservation of the quality of life in the community. <br />• Policies that balance development and conservation to preserve the City's natural <br />beauty, unique character and heritage while supporting housing opportunities, a <br />vibrant economy and addressing disadvantaged communities. <br />• Evaluate consistency with the Regional Blueprint and policies that guide development <br />of a Sustainable Communities Strategy in collaboration with SLOCOG. <br />• Opportunities to create Complete Streets /neighborhoods and develop programs to <br />achieve them. <br />• Identify areas appropriate for residential infill and densification. <br />• Identify the circulation system that is needed to appropriately balance the <br />community's values and the need for growth <br />• Identify ways to achieve more affordable housing. <br />• Promote energy efficiency & conservation and incorporate Climate Action Plan <br />strategies. <br />• Identify transit opportunities that may be enhanced to accommodate Transit Oriented <br />Developments (TOD). <br />• Identifying programs to help migrate to transportation modes other than the single <br />occupant vehicle. <br />• Identifying healthy food locations and opportunities for pedestrian and bike access. <br />R 10586 <br />