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City of San Luis Obispo, Council Agenda Report, Meeting Date, Item Number <br /> FROM: Derek Johnson, Community Development Director <br />Prepared By: Rafael Cornejo, Building and Safety Supervisor <br /> <br />SUBJECT: RENTAL HOUSING INSPECTION PROGRAM <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION <br /> <br />1. Adopt an Ordinance (Attachment 1) amending Titles 15 of the Municipal Code by adding <br />Chapter 15.10 establishing a Rental Housing Inspection Program and determining that the <br />project program is exempt from environmental review pursuant to CEQA Guidelines <br />15061 (b)(3), 15308, 15309 and 15321; and <br />2. Adopt a Resolution (Attachment 2) establishing fees to implement the Rental Housing <br />Inspection Program; and <br />3. Adopt a Resolution (Attachment 3) establishing an amnesty program for one year for <br />properties subject to the proposed Rental Housing Inspection Program who voluntarily <br />report and abate health and safety violations. <br /> <br />REPORT-IN-BRIEF <br /> <br />This Council Agenda Report provides information related to the proposed Ordinance and related <br />resolutions to implement a Rental Housing Inspection Program (RHIP). The proposed Ordinance <br />is based on Council direction received at the December 16, 2014 meeting and will establish a <br />RHIP t o systematically inspect all single and duplex family rental units. Council action is also <br />being requested on two resolutions. The first Resolution establishes fees for the proposed <br />program consistent with budget policies for fee recovery as shown in Attachment 5. The City’s <br />budget policies regarding User Fee Cost Recovery Goals provide that the proposed program <br />should be paid for by service fees and State law requires that such fees cannot exceed reasonable <br />program costs. The second Resolution establishes a one year amnesty period for property owners <br />who voluntarily obtain permits for unpermitted construction prior to any rental inspections or <br />code enforcement activity. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION <br /> <br />Program Overview <br /> <br />A significant element of the Council’s 2013-15 Neighborhood Wellness Major City Goal was to <br />pursue the development of a RHIP. Staff began this task by conducting extensive research into <br />similar programs in other cities throughout California. City staff was able to identify and survey <br />twenty-five (25) California cities and counties with existing rental housing inspection programs. <br />In addition, several rental inspection programs were identified in major college towns outside of <br />California. Each program was reviewed to identify common “best practices” as well as unique or <br />innovative approaches to implementing and managing a RHIP . Most cities and counties like San <br />Luis Obispo maintain code enforcement programs to ensure the safety and welfare of their <br />citizens. Typically, these programs are complaint-based but can be proactive as well. In either <br />May 5, 2015 <br />PH1 <br />PH1 - 1