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Meeting Date: 5/16/2017 <br />FROM: Carrie Gallagher, City Clerk <br /> <br />SUBJECT: CALL FOR A SPECIAL ELECTION AND TAKE OTHER RELATED <br />ACTIONS TO SUBMIT TO THE VOTERS ‘”AN INITIATIVE TO REPEAL <br />CHAPTER 15.10 OF THE SAN LUIS OBISPO MUNICIPAL CODE <br />ENTITLED “RENTAL HOUSING INSPECTION” AND TO ADOPT NEW <br />CHAPTER 15.10 ENTITLED “NON-DISCRIMINATION IN HOUSING”’ <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION <br /> <br />1. Adopt a Resolution (Attachment A) calling for, and giving notice of a Special All Mailed <br />Ballot Municipal Election on Tuesday, August 22, 2017 for the submission of a proposed <br />Ordinance to the qualified voters of the City of San Luis Obispo regarding ‘”An Initiative <br />to Repeal Chapter 15.10 of The San Luis Obispo Municipal Code Entitled “Rental <br />Housing Inspection” and to Adopt New Chapter 15.10 Entitled “Non-Discrimination in <br />Housing” and requesting the San Luis Obispo Board of Supervisors render services to <br />conduct an August 22, 2017 Special All Mailed Ballot Election; and <br /> <br />2. Provide direction regarding the City Council’s argument against the initiative; and <br /> <br />3. Adopt a Resolution (Attachment D) setting priorities for filing written arguments <br />regarding a proposed initiative and directing the City Attorney to prepare an impartial <br />analysis; and <br /> <br />4. Consider a Resolution (Attachment D) appointing an ad-hoc subcommittee consisting of <br />two of its members to prepare and submit an argument against the measure and rebuttal <br />argument, if warranted; and <br /> <br />5. Appropriate funds from the undesignated General Fund Reserve up to $160,000, for <br />assistance from the San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder to conduct this special <br />election. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION <br /> <br />Background <br /> <br />On August 30, 2016, proponents Stewart D. Jenkins, Daniel J. Knight and Daniel L. Carpenter <br />filed a Notice of Intention to Circulate a Petition, together with a request for preparation of the <br />ballot title and summary by the City Attorney. <br /> <br />The City Attorney prepared the ballot title to read, ‘“An Initiative to Repeal Chapter 15.10 of the <br />San Luis Obispo Municipal Code entitled “Rental Housing Inspection” and to adopt new Chapter <br />15.10 entitled “Non-Discrimination in Housing”’. <br /> <br />Packet Pg 239 <br />12