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Meeting Date: 5/16/2017 <br />FROM: Carrie Mattingly, Utilities Director <br />Prepared By: David Hix, Utilities Deputy Director, Wastewater <br /> Jennifer Metz, Utilities Projects Manager <br /> Bud Nance, Wastewater Collection System Supervisor <br /> <br />SUBJECT: ESTABLISHMENT OF PRIVATE SEWER LATERAL ORDINANCE FOR <br />INFLOW AND INFILTRATION REDUCTION <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION <br /> <br />Consider introduction of an Ordinance amending Chapter 13.08 of the Municipal Code related to <br />maintenance, inspection, repair, and replacement of private sewer laterals (Attachment A) and <br />determining the ordinance modifications are exempt from environmental review pursuant to <br />CEQA Guidelines. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION <br /> <br />Background <br />Inflow and infiltration (I/I) results from rainwater entering structurally deficient private sewer <br />laterals, public sewer mains, and illegal connections. Effective I/I reduction is necessary to <br />eliminate overflows and pipe surcharging, reduce the amount of I/I flow to the Water Resource <br />Recovery Facility, and free up pipe capacity to serve development planned under the City’s <br />General Plan. Achieving success will require both public and private investment. <br /> <br />In July 2016, the City signed a settlement agreement with California River Watch related to <br />alleged Clean Water Act violations (Attachment B). As part of that settlement agreement, the <br />City agreed to consider an ordinance adopting certain “Supplemental Environmental Projects” <br />which include a: (1) a lateral inspection and repair program whereby private sewer laterals are <br />inspected, repaired and/or replaced based on certain triggering events; and (2) a voluntary private <br />lateral replacement rebate program.1 The settlement agreement does not mandate the adoption of <br />either of those programs. At an April 4, 2017, Study Session, the City Council provided direction <br />to staff on a private sewer lateral program, a wastewater flow offset program focused on capacity <br />constrained areas, a rebate program and cost recovery related to permit fees associated with a <br />private sewer lateral program. Council also generally supported an accelerated I/I reduction <br />approach. The City’s first step will be to consider a private sewer lateral ordinance. Staff will <br />return to Council with the wastewater flow offset and rebate program. <br /> <br />Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance <br />Staff prepared a Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance that identifies private sewer lateral <br />maintenance requirements and events requiring private sewer lateral inspection, repair, and <br /> <br />1 The Settlement Agreement had a 1 year time period for the Council to consider the adoption of a lateral inspection <br />and repair program. The rebate program has no such time period but staff in tends on bringing back that program on <br />July 18, 2017. <br />Packet Pg 153 <br />9