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<br />Meeting Date: 10/24/2017 <br />FROM: Derek Johnson, City Manager <br />Prepared By: Marcus Carloni, Sustainability Coordinator <br /> <br />SUBJECT: REVIEW OF BEVERAGE STRAWS UPON REQUEST ORDINANCE <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION <br /> <br />Introduce an Ordinance adding Chapter 8.09 to the San Luis Obispo Municipal Code regulating <br />single use beverage straws. <br /> <br />CITY COUNCIL DIRECTION <br /> <br />At the June 20, 2017 City Council Hearing, the City Council discussed the potential for a “straws <br />upon request” Ordinance that, if adopted, as the name implies, would require businesses to <br />provide single-use beverage straws to customers only upon request. Council identified this as a <br />priority and the work effort was added as an objective in the Climate Action Major City Goal <br />work program. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION <br /> <br />Consistency with City Policy <br /> <br />A “straws upon request” Ordinance is consistent with policies in the City’s General Plan and <br />Climate Action Plan. Although the General Plan Conservation Open Space Element does not <br />specifically address the use of single-use beverage straws, it does have a number of related <br />policies/goals which recognize the City’s responsibility for waste diversion, efficient use of <br />materials, and recycling while also acknowledging its role in encouraging residents and <br />businesses to do so, as well1. <br /> <br />Additionally, the effort is consistent with the City’s Climate Action Plan that includes a Solid <br />Waste chapter with an overall goal to “prevent, reduce, reuse and recycle solid waste to <br />minimize the amount of waste being sent to the landfill.” The CAP identifies objectives 2 such as <br /> <br />1 Conservation & Open Space Element (COSE) Policy 5.4.3. Material recycling in private developme nt, businesses and <br />operations. The City will promote waste diversion and material recycling in private development, business and operations, and <br />will encourage businesses or nonprofit entities to provide building materials recycling and source reduction se rvices. <br /> <br />COSE Policy 5.5.3. Coordinate waste reduction and recycling efforts. The City will coordinate local, and participate in <br />regional, household and business waste-reduction and recycling efforts. <br /> <br />COSE Policy 5.4.1. Best available practices. The City will employ the best available practices in materials procurement, use <br />and recycling, and will encourage individuals, organizations and other agencies to do likewise. “Best available practices” <br />means behavior and technologies that, considering available equipment, life-cycle costs, social and environmental side effects, <br />and the regulations of other agencies: A. Use the least amount of newly refined materials for a desired outcome; B. Direct th e <br />largest feasible fraction of used materials to further use; C. Avoid undesirable effects due to further use of materials. <br /> <br />2 Climate Action Plan WST 1: Increase Waste Diversion. Reduce the community waste stream to as close to zero <br />waste as possible, with 75% diversion rate by the year 2020. CAP WST 2: Public Outreach and Education. Provide <br />waste reduction education to the City’s consumers. <br />Packet Pg 197 <br />9