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C <br />0 0 <br />CERTIFICATE OF ACCEPTANCE <br />VM 1283 PAGE 651 <br />THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the interest in real property conveyed by <br />the Deed of Easement dated August 17 19 62 <br />s a <br />from A. E. Young <br />to the City of San Luis Obispo, a Political Corporation, is hereby <br />accepted in accordance with Resolution No. 549 (1959,Series), re- <br />corded May 26, 1959, in Volume 1002, Official Records, Page 292, <br />San Luis Obispo County, California, and the grantee consents to <br />recordation thereof. <br />DATE Y 19. <br />`.CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO <br />Document No <br />.3 �7..� �'�� 'i ; �i rl Y' <br />RE�Q p r-' <br />HRFI_I QQ(('' rrr((-'''MM''pp11 ��jj ' . tt MAYOR <br />._K�..Yfl7r�ClO�sa t �Ni••4 A �rr'y 1 �� f <br />c., V <br />.......... <br />T /3MINO PAST ,lQ_M. ATTEST: <br />AT. . <br />VOL .. 1R. P.,aSA..._...�.w 1 n <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY: CAL <br />FEB 131964 <br />CITY CLERK <br />County Recorder <br />IDA �wDe uty <br />Fee . ?Indexed Cogan <br />