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VOL 1287 PAGE 67( <br />A. H. BRAZ I L <br />ATTORNEY AT LAW <br />1i41 OARDEN iTRt(T <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA <br />LIOCRTY 3-4464 <br />March 6, .1963 <br />Mr. C. S. Ryan <br />3214 Rock Vies~ <br />San Luis Obispo, California <br />Dear Mr. Ryan: <br />I am pleased to advise you that the certificate of release <br />of inheritance tax lien has been delivered to this office <br />and after recordation will be forwarded to you. This termi- <br />nates Mrs. Ryan's interest in the property and vests it <br />in yourself. <br />I have delivered to the Central Savings your passbook and <br />the consent tc transfer the account to yourself and your <br />daughter. If you will go over there and ask for Mrs. Lory <br />she will complete the transaction. If you have any questions <br />drop into the office first. <br />I am enclosing Mr. Miossi's statement in the amount of <br />$9.91 together with my statement in the amount of $75.00 <br />plus costs. <br />I am returning to you the deed dated April 22, 1950 which <br />you left with me. <br />Very truly yours, <br />A. H. BRAZIL <br />AHB :df <br />in <br />znc . 471 <br />Ctrs, A. J. Ryan expired on January 22, 1963. �'' <br />