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CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO <br />CALIFOBNIA <br />C', "0BENANT <br />OL1310 PASE489 <br />For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is <br />hereby acknowledged, the undersigned owners of certain property hereinafter <br />described, hereby covenant with the City of San Luis Obispo on behalf of <br />said owners, their heirs, executors, administrators and assigns as follows: <br />1. Pursuant to Resolution No. 14-64 of the San Luis Obispo Board of <br />Adjustments, granting a conditional use permit to said owners, <br />subject to agreement by said owners to move the free- standing sign <br />upon twenty �) days notice by the City of San Luis Obispo of } <br />the City's intent of widening Higuera Street, said owners hereby <br />covenant and agree to conply with the requirements of said resolution <br />by moving said sign upon such notice and further agree that this <br />covenant shall ran with and bind the land hereinafter described and <br />all subsequent owners and heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, <br />and that this covenant runs in favor of the City of San Luis Obispo, <br />a municipal corporation. <br />2. Said land is located in the State of California, County of San Luis <br />Obispo, City of San Luis Obispo and is described as follows: <br />Weber Baking Company, In Harford'a Addn - That ptn of Blk 152 - <br />Beg at a pt on the Wly In of ad Blk diet theron N 90 e5' E 160.14 ft <br />fr the SW cor of ad Blk- <br />.0 th S 810 111 E 151.77 ft (rec 151.92 ft) to <br />a 2" x 2n stk; th S 890 321 E 68.73 ft; th N 00 041 E 26.31 ft to a <br />pt; th N 830 lilt 300 W 2011919 ft; th S 96 051 W alg ad My In 100 <br />ft. to the pob., 237 Higuera Street, Assessor's No. 3- 721 -32, i <br />Signed this Fifteenth day of April 19 64 <br />- - OR' 9TIONT <br />TITLE: <br />STATE OF OMMVMMMISSOURI <br />COUNTI OF JACKSON )SS. <br />On Aril 15, 1964 before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and <br />for said Uounty and State, personally appeared H. C. Rubert, Jr.. Seeretartr of <br />Interstate Bakeries Corporation <br />, known to me to be the person above whose name <br />is subscribed to the <br />he executed the <br />Commission <br />.I . yN pt�G•I�'C <br />within instrument and acknowledged that <br />same. WITNESS my head and official seal. <br />Expires April 2. 1968. <br />L� zV <br />n <br />c <br />W <br />ca <br />