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1 Z 7 A6 % <br />GRANT DEED <br />voi'1325 PA5456 <br />CLAYTON E. FLUITT and CLAIRE M. FLUITT, as Grantors, hereby grant to the <br />CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a municipal corporation, as Grantee, all of their <br />right, title and interest in the following described property in the City of <br />San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of California to wit: <br />That portion of the South half of Section 36, in Township 30, South <br />Range 12 East Mount Diablo Meridian, in the city of San Luis Obispo <br />county of San Luis Obispo, state of California, according to the <br />official plat of survey of said land on file in the Bureau of Land <br />Management, described as follows: <br />Beginning at Corner No. 16 of the Goldtree Vineyard tract recorded <br />September 30, 1893, in book 1, page 14, of the Record of Surveys; <br />thence South 2° 31' East a distance of 1190.89 feet to the true point <br />of beginning on the Southwesterly line of Johnson; thence S 720 00'E <br />a distance of 112.50 feet to a point; thence S 30° 41' W a distance <br />of 8.20 feet to a point; thence N 72° 00' W a distance of 187.50 feet <br />to a point; thence N 30° 41' E a distance of 8.20 feet to a point; <br />thence S 72° 00' E a distance of 75.00 feet to the true point of <br />beginning. <br />Containing .034 acres, more or less. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantors have hereunto caused their names to be <br />subscribed this s day of 1964. <br />WITNESS: Acr� <br />EORGE ERTSON <br />YTON E. FLUITT <br />CLAIRE M. FLU TT <br />,, � <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) SS <br />COUNTY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO) <br />On this day of , 1964, before me, c <br />a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared CLAYTON E. <br />FLUITT and CLAIRE M. FLUITT, known to me to be the persons whose names are sub- C7 <br />scribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that they executed the v <br />same, rn <br />r <br />!TTARY PUBLIC <br />j Sul LUIS OBSSPO [03': otary Public i and fo4so M <br />CALIFORNIA County and State <br />,5T <br />