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CERTIFICATE OF ACCEPTANCE <br />THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the interest in real. property conveyed by <br />VQJ332 %1572 <br />the Grant Deed dated November 21 1964 <br />� A <br />from Allan A. Vandam and Irwin R. Vandam <br />to the City of San Luis Obispo, a Political Corporation, is hereby <br />accepted in accordance with Resolution No. 549 (1959 Series), re- <br />corded May 26, 1959, in Volute. 1002, Official Records, sage 292, <br />Snn Luis Obispo County, California, and the grantee consents to <br />recordatioa thereof. <br />DATE : �! 19 6cl <br />655 <br />Document No.===- -- __ <br />O <br />tI.1LYlli ®(.K. DI�j__l+1BIK_ ...F <br /> E_MIN. PAST___I.3':EIVI. <br />VOL..- 1__ ?3.a .__.O /R. P...-- -.... <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY, CAL- <br />JAN 111965 <br />un <br />�41inn Deputy, <br />Fee $-ed <br />S ;QMPARED <br />