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4 <br />V. <br />t <br />VOL1341 PAGE 9 <br />X77 <br />DEED OF EASEMENT <br />WILLIAM E. BARER and CHARLES M. BARER, as Grantors, hereby grant to the <br />CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a municipal corporation, as Grantee, the following <br />easement in the City of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of <br />California, to wit: <br />An easement for sanitary sewer purposes over that portion of the <br />northwest one - quarter of the northeast one- quarter of Section 27, <br />Township 30 South, Range 12 East, Mount Diablo Meridian, in the <br />City of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of <br />California, according to the official plat of the survey of said <br />land approved November 30, 1867 by the Surveyor General, included <br />within a strip of land 10 feet wide, lying 5 feet on each side of <br />the following described center line: <br />Beginning at the Northeast corner of land conveyed to Alexander <br />and Agnes Taylor by deed recorded in Volume 45, Page 431, San Luis <br />Obispo County Records; thence S 89° 54' 02" W a distance of 279.33 <br />feet more or less to a point; thence S 0° 11' 08" E a distance of <br />80 feet to the True Point of Beginning: <br />thence N 890 54' 02" E a distance of 260.65 feet to a point; <br />thence S 0° 11' 08" E a distance of 168.50 feet to a point; <br />thence on a curve to the left with a radius of 200.00 feet <br />through a central angle of 25° 37' 02" and an arc length of <br />89.42 feet to the westerly line of a road 50.00 feet wide <br />leading from San Luis Obispo northerly to Los Osos Valley Road, <br />known locally and called Broad Street. <br />The side lines of said easement shall be lengthened or shortened <br />so as to terminate at the westerly line of said Broad Street 50.00 <br />feet wide. <br />Containing .118 acres, more or less. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantors have hereunto caused their names to be <br />subscribed this 27th day of January 1965. <br />3 <br />WILLIAM E. BARER ss� <br />A �26414 <br />CHARLES M. BARER <br />Ui <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) SS <br />COUNTY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO) <br />On January 27th , 1965, before me, Florence M. Witte <br />a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared WILLIAM E. BARER <br />and CHARLES M. BARER, known to me to be the persons whose names are subscribed to the <br />within instrument and acknowledged to me that they executed the same. <br />Notary Public in and for said <br />County and State 717 <br />