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ARM DSO <br />mm [ri fiB3IGNwj, �&s Craatora, 'hereby grant to. the CITY OF ,Std LMO OBISpo' <br />a mumicipal carporation, as Grantee, all vf.their right, title and iatereat in <br />the following described property ia.`.'the City of Son Luis. Obispo, County of. San <br />Luis Obispo,.. State` of 'CALfosata-.. to. wit i _ <br />' A portida of Lot 8, Bloch 3,- Pimillal Taimace according to' <br />,filed September 14, 188$, in Vol. A,, Halp 100 and a portion of Lot.10; <br />.1?oleissiguem Tract, according to the map*: fit" .84tembor 7, U76 in <br />Vol. As P40 93 of Maps in 4be - office of the Ccmlty Recorder., .San <br />Luis Obispo tag". Califoru$a: The 'property to. emore. particularly <br />described as follow_:' , <br />Seginains At -.the Bortkmat zoare of Lot' 8.; 81och 3; ,FUL ini Term+; <br />thence 9 53' 38' B n.d €stance of 10.17 feet; thence S -36. 42'.22" 8 a, <br />distanee'of 330.70 feat; tbsnce S;33 °. 8 8' W a dlsts=ei of 113.13 feet; <br />- thence.n 35" Z <' W s distance of 330:ig faeit to the.polat of. begimaing. <br />Containing' 084 acres, mare or lens. <br />IM WrM L'9S i0;8R OC 16rsntors have hereunto caused thslis name to be <br />tiubacribed this 26th day of .February <br />r <br />PAS S. t°i` GM WINE TRUMELL <br />DAVID J. H?SBM im D. MY <br />FLORMM T: HOSBBIN. ELIZORM T. my <br />• <br />a <br />r <br />o <br />r <br />