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CERT?z I.C2.TE OF ACCEPT_ ME <br />VOL1348 PAGE495 <br />YRIS IS To CERTIFY that the interest i_a real property conveyed by <br />Lite Grant Deed dated April 15 19 65 <br />from Lawrence J. Westcott and Edith I. Westcott <br />to the City of San Luis Obispo, a Political Corporation, is hereby <br />accepted in accordance with P,esolution No. 549 (1959 Series), re- <br />corded May 26, 1959, in Volume iO02, Official Records, Page 292, <br />San Luis Obispo County, California, and the grantee consents to <br />recordation thereof. <br />I <br />19 , <br />Document No.. <br />R -14'R .R�QI}4� OF. <br />{ ii{.4V {1, "� <br />AT IN. PART 5Ay_M �• <br />saa oeisPO:uNTr, cat.. <br />[JAY 3 - 119165 <br />R <br />Fee $ - - Indexed Dquty <br />C0MP,Ait.b,1/ <br />CITY OF SA23 LUIS OBISPO <br />BY <br />4-01-1 <br />