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GRANT DEED <br />VOL 1351 PA-A84 <br />WALTER W. KOLTHOFF and ELIZABETH A. KOLTHOFF, as Grantors, hereby grant <br />to the CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a municipal corporation, as Grantee, all of their <br />right, title and interest in the following described property in the City of San <br />Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, to wit: <br />Beginning at the Northwest corner of Lot 1, Block 75, in the City of San Luis <br />Obispo; thence N 530 38' E along the Sly line of Olive Street a distance <br />of 20.00 feet to a point; thence along a curve, tangent to said line, <br />concave to the South, having a radius of 20.00 feet, through an angle of <br />900, and a length of 31.42 feet to a point on the Westerly property line <br />of said Lot 1; thence N 36° 22' W along the Easterly line of Osos Street <br />a distance of 20.00 feet to the point of beginning. <br />Containing .002 acres, more or less. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantors have hereunto caused their names to be <br />subscribed this day of 1965 <br />C WALTER W. KOLTHOFF �— <br />ELIZ&ETH A. KOLTHOFF <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) as <br />COUNTY OF SAN MATEO ) <br />on 1965, 1965, before me, �i4!/Ji✓ /� C/�w+l10 <br />a Notary Public in And for said County and State, personally appea d WALTER W. <br />KOLTHOFF and ELIZABETH A. KOLTHOFF, known to me to be the persons whose names are <br />subscribed to the within instrument and acknowledged to me that they executed the <br />same. <br />I•.:, : `r:`..;; ; F. `; r "; =;-fir,: <br />xi6tary Public in -and fok <br />aid County and State <br />/tT,�lrSJroy6 E.�',QjRes <br />jS /L1./.�G! ls6P <br />E76 :7w t+otea' -V :j Rte ae::ee�eunnraerwvn:nuua� <br />} JOHN K. CAMPBELL <br />' �• I NOIARY I'ULiLiC — CALIFORNIA <br />PPoNCPAL OFFICE i..N <br />n1:\rL.0 COUNTr <br />Joofn:o:t�e:nonn+u:n+. n+n:e+.vant� +Ufoaoo:M!'y <br />3 <br />cc <br />rn <br />cn <br />IV <br />C� <br />W <br />