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i_M <br />D <br />O <br />T <br />A <br />m <br />(Corporation) <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />,,,,'San Luis <br />SS. <br />U +tzv u" uy i7vJ before me, the under - <br />a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally <br />d H A Landeck Jr & Rodney R. Levin <br />:o me to be the President, and <br />known to me to be <br />Secretary of the corporation that executed the <br />mt, known to me to be the.persons who executed the <br />ent on behalf of the corporation therein named, and <br />o me that such corporation executed the within instru- <br />to its by -laws or a resolution of its board of directors. <br />official <br />Zy �ew,c lacy va {au <br />Z E Con y an 14K6�spo, State of California <br />D Notary _ <br />P c> �tol n°mi o IA Wf 1966 <br />�vvv.� 1 <br />