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AGREEMENT <br />THIS AGREEMENT, executed this/7rt day of 1964, by and <br />between JOSEPH E. PRITCHARD and FLORENCE B. PRITCHARD, hereinafter called Grantors, <br />and the CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a municipal corporation hereinafter called City, <br />witnesseth: <br />1. Grantors shall convey .005 acres, more or less, lying along Foothill <br />Boulevard to the City. <br />2. Grantors agree to construct 6 foot integral sidewalk, curb and gutter <br />across the entire frontage of the property. <br />3. Parties agree that the value of the land being conveyed to the City is <br />$143.65 and the City agrees to pay the Grantors the sum of $143.65 upon <br />completion of the improvements set forth in paragraph 2. <br />4. City agrees to provide all necessary engineering, legal work, street <br />work and the cost of relocating the water service. <br />CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO <br />R <br />ATTEST:_ <br />CITY -CLERK <br />JOSRPH E. PRITCHARD <br />r <br />FLORENCE B. PRITCHARD <br />PRITCHARD <br />