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AGREEMENT <br />THIS AGREEMENT, executed this c,�C;) day of 7 , 196431 <br />by and between CLAYTON E. FLUITT and CLAIRE M. FLUITT, hereinafter called Grantors, <br />and the CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a municipal corporation, hereinafter called City, <br />witnesseth: <br />1. Grantors shall convey .034 acres, more or less, lying along <br />Johnson Avenue to the City of San Luis Obispo. <br />2. City agrees to construct sidewalk, curb and gutter across the <br />entire frontage of-the property being conveyed to the City and to <br />conduct the normal grading that would have been involved at the <br />previous curb line on a standard installation. <br />3. Parties agree that the value of the property being conveyed to the <br />City is $750.00 and that in event the cost of the improvements set <br />forth in Paragraph 2 exceed said value, then the Grantors will pay <br />said excess amount at the time of executing this agreement. Said <br />excess amount is $375.00. <br />4. City will provide all necessary engineering and legal work, street <br />work, relocation of utilities, revise driveways in kind and grading <br />in excess of the amount that would have occurred at the old curb <br />line. The City will replace 5 five gallon size junipers and 1 five <br />gallon size pyracantha or Grantors choice of shrubs of equal value. <br />The City will also replace 3 fifteen gallon size trees. <br />ATTEST: <br />MAYOR <br />CITY CLERK <br />CLAYTON E. FLUITT <br />CLAIRE M. FWITt / <br />FLUITT <br />