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4 <br />32 2`73 - - -- <br />PAS •104 <br />` ... <br />lo-8-63 <br />AGREEMENT AND GRANT OF EASEMENT <br />THIS AGREEMENT AND GRANT OF EASEMENT, made and entered into this <br />3rd day of August 196 =, by and between the STATE OF <br />CALIFORNIA, acting by-and through its Director of General Services, <br />hereinafter called State, and dityr ok San Luis Obispo <br />hereinafter called Grantee: <br />W i T N E S S E T H:.. / <br />That the State, pursuant to, the provisions of Section 13105 of <br />the. Government Code of the State of California, and in consideration of, the <br />sum of none receipt of which Is hereby acknowledged, does <br />grant unto"Grantee, .its successors and-assigns forever, an easement to <br />construct, use, maintain, alter, add to, repair and replace a road upon, <br />over and across that certain real property situated In the County of <br />San Luis Obispo State of California, described as follows: <br />That portion of Section 27 described as follows: <br />Beginning at the northwest corner of Lot 30 of the California Park Subdivision <br />according to a -map recorded December 2. 1919,,in Book -2,'at Page 36.0f.Maps in the County Recorder's Ofiice,.County of San Luis Obispo; thence S 1° 03' E, <br />a.distance of 7.98 feet; thence on a.curve to the.left with a. radius of' <br />538 feet through an angle of 0° 06' 10" for a length of 0.97 feet; thence <br />N.89° 35.' 30" W, tangent to last described curve, ,a distance of 102.19,feet; <br />thence on a curve concave to the left,. tangent to East described line with a <br />radius of 44.00 feet through an angle of 91°_04' 17" for a length of 69.94 feet; <br />thence on a curve concave to the right with a tangent vhich,bears N 1 °,30' 10" W <br />with a radius of 50.00 feet through an angle of 910 15' 10" for a length of <br />79.63 feet; thence t 89° 45' E, a- distance of 97.85 Peet to the Point of. <br />Beginning. . <br />ri <br />�v <br />