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STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />COUNTY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO SS. �a <br />On_ January 14a 1M before me, the F-N <br />undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally (:j <br />appeared Georite Robertson _ -_ personally known to <br />me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within Instrument, as <br />a Witness thereto, who being by me duly sworn, deposes and says: Ln <br />Thar he *rsides in San Luis Obispo and that—he <br />7 was present and saw. E _ t— GSI.INA? .& S. J.- GELINAS <br />personally known to--Mm.—to he the same person 8 described in <br />and whose name.. S ... - -- subscribed to the within and annexed Instrument 'W <br />9 a __Part.i$R_......_..thereto, execute and deliver the same, and Cg) <br />3 they acknowledged to said affiant that theX._.executedthe same; <br />9 and that said affiant subscribed_-_hi$ thereto as a Witness ul <br />v WITNESS my hand �and �official seal <br />( Seal) — _..... .- [d[•f- - /� - -% fL' r.. _. <br />Notary Publi c in an for said County a d State <br />