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STATE OF CALIFORNIA 5&,5'-n <br />M <br />COUNTY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO SS. Cz <br />on imuga 27, 1965 , before me, theme"' <br />undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personallyM <br />appeared Geor e R. Robertson <br />eue(L_ <br />eared personally known toES <br />me to he the person whose name is subscribed to the within Instrument, wm <br />a Witness thereto, who being by me duly sworn, deposes and says: Lyl <br />That-he-resides and that he <br />was present and saw_.FAl=__A- Ferrini <br />personally known to. him be the same person-- described, in <br />and whose name ...subscribed to the within and annexed Instrumen Tj <br />fi as. arLy__.__.___thereto, execute and deliver the same, an4td <br />-LjLe--acknowledged to said affiant that-Ale- _,executed the sametrT <br />and that said affiant subscribed —MA --- ---- --name thereto as a Witness;7' l <br />WITNESS my hand and official se <br />(Seal) <br />W or d <br />�2 <br />Notary Pub a d County State <br />