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R:LSOLUTIOi1 110. 266 (11Z' SERI--;S) <br />A LSO1UTIOi1 OF THE CITY COUIIC11 OF THL CITY OF b.ud LUIS OBISPO P.WIOLING AN .61a .JLL-1 BT TO THE <br />CHARTER OF THE CITY OF SA11 LUIS OBISPO All!) P :OVIDIiiG YOR THE SU31 ISSIO_; OF THE SAI y. TO TILL <br />QUALIFIED ELECTOi:S THEREOF FOR ADOPTIOij iM 1.yTIFICATI0 J iT THE GENi:iii'!L:d`UiYICIPAL ELECTI01: <br />TO BE HELD OI1 THE _ IRST D-LY OF APRIL, 1929. <br />BE IT RESOLVED BY THE COUNCIL OF TIM CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, AS FOLLOlvfS: <br />That there shall be submitted aa& there is hereby submitted to the qualified electors <br />of the city of San Luis Obispo, California, at the next general election of said city <br />to be held on the first day of April, 1929, the following proposal for the amendment of <br />the Charter of said city, to wit: <br />Section 54 of Article IX of the Charter of the City of San Luis Obispo is <br />hereby amended so that the same shall be and read as follovis :- <br />Sec. 54. LIMIT OF TAy LEVY. The tax levy authorized by the council ` <br />for any one year for all municipal purposes, other than for the <br />payment of principal or interest on any bonds of the city, or for <br />school purposes, shall not e -ceed eight;; -five cents on each one <br />hundred dollars worth of taxable propertyy in said city, except as <br />herein provided. The council ma *, however, in any year by ordi- <br />nance adopted not later than the first Tuesday in September, levy: <br />in addition to the rate in this section above authorized, a tax of <br />not to exceed fifteen cents on each one hundred dollars worth of <br />taxable property in said city �xhich shall be collected at the same <br />time and manner as other taxes levied by said city, the proceeds ` <br />of which said tax sh -:11 belong and be paid to a fund designated <br />as the Improvement FiUid of said City and shall be expended only <br />for public improvements and betterments in said city. <br />That the City Clerk be and she is hereby directed to publish this resolution, <br />together with the ayes and noes, in the Daily Telegram, a daily newspaper printed, <br />published and circulated in said city, in the manner and form and for the time required <br />by the provisions of the Constitution of the State of California, and to do and perform <br />all other acts in connection with said notice as is required by said constitution. <br />ITITRODUC2D A:1D ,kDOPT1j) THIS 1812E Day of ilebruary, 1929. <br />AYES: Chas. Forbes, L. J. Defosset, John Chapek, 1+. P. Sinshei:ner. <br />110:3: None. <br />AB6.0T: H. E. Cog. <br />ATTi:ST : <br />( SEAL ) <br />Callie 1::. John <br />CITY CL'iiL <br />L. F. Sinsheimer <br />11AYOR <br />I hereby certify the foregoing resolution to be a true and correct copy of <br />Resolution No. 266 (!law Series. <br />'.fitness ray hand this day of 1929. <br />City Clerk <br />