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THIS INDEN1URE made this 23rd day of June, 1931, <br />between JOSEPH RUSCA and LUCIA RUSCA, his wife, b.oth of San <br />Luis Obispo,. California,. the parties of the first part, and <br />CITY OF SAN LUIS OB ISPO, a municipal corporation of the -State <br />of California, party of the second part <br />WI'TNES&ETH:: <br />That the said parties of the f irst.part, in conside r <br />ation of the sum of Ten Dollars ($10..00) lawful money of the <br />United States of America,. to them in hand paid by party of <br />the second part,. the receipt whereof is: hereby acknowledged-, <br />do by these presents,. grant, bargain, sell and convey unto <br />the said party of the second part and to its successors and <br />assigns- forever, a right of way to lay,. construct,,. operate, <br />maintain, repair, change and reconstruct one. Ten_(10) indhLpipe -_liM <br />for the transportation of water, across:, under and through that <br />certain lot, piece or parcel of land situate in the City of <br />San Luis-Obispo, County of San Luis! Obispo, State. of Califor <br />nia, and described as follows, to wait: <br />Lot No. Five (5) in Block No. 149, as said lot and <br />block are shown and delineated upon that certain map <br />entitled. °lkap of J. Harford's Addition to the City of <br />San Luis Obispo. Surveyed by B. F. Hinchliffe, April_ <br />1876." on file in the office of the County recorder of the <br />County of San Luis Obispo, to which map reference is hereby <br />made. <br />Together with the right of ingresm and egress to and <br />from the same, unto the said party of the second part, its. <br />agents and employees and the right to do and perform all things <br />necessary and convenient to the use of the right hereby granted. <br />Said pipe line shall be laid and constructed along the <br />following described course, to —wit: <br />Beginning at a point in the northerly line of French <br />Street, said point being 30.7..5 feet southwesterly from- the <br />most southeasterly corner of Block No. 149 as.said block <br />is shown upon that certain map entitled, "Map of J. Harford•s <br />Addition to the City of San Luis Obispo. Surveyed by B. <br />F. Hinchliff e, April 1876" on file in the office of the <br />