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Recording Fequested By: 3'a� - 8/ .00 <br />CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO , e00CKE <br />When Recorded. Please return`�'o: 7768 ! <br />CITY CLERK'S OFFIC) <br />City of San Luis. Obispo �OC�. P10. 815 <br />P.O: Box 321 OFFICIAL RECORDS <br />San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 SAN ,LUIS OBISPO CO., CAL <br />FEB 2 41981 <br />r <br />WILLIAM E. ZIMARIK <br />COUNTY RECORDER <br />"nME DEED OF EASEMENT 3 0 ,� ® PM <br />G.D. SPRADLIN, and NELL E. SPRADLIN, as Grantors, hereby grant to the CITY <br />OF SAN, LUIS OBISPO, a chartered municipal corporation, as Grantee, the following. <br />- easement. in_ the-City. of- San Luis Obispo, - - County - of San Luis -- Obispo, - State: of <br />California, to wit: <br />0 <br />.A permanent easement for creek maintenance and streambed cleaning <br />purposes, within a portion of Block 8 of the City of San Luis Obispo, <br />in the City of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of <br />California, according to map filed for record May 1, 1878, in Book A, <br />at Page 168 of Maps, in the Office of the County Recorder of said <br />County described as follows: <br />The portion of San Luis Obispo Creek lying within that certain <br />property described in Document No. 49684, recorded on October 19, <br />1978, in_Book 2107, Page 922, of Official Records in the Office <br />of the County Recorder of the County of San.Luis Obispo lying south- <br />westerly of'a line parallel with and being contiguous with the <br />existing exterior building foundation -wall as it exists on this <br />date. Said line being prolonged so as to meet at the northeasterly <br />and southwesterly boundaries of said property. <br />This easement does not grant access to the public. <br />Grantors reserve from this grant their build a structure <br />over and above said creek, provided that such construction, if and <br />when undertaken, shall comply with all applicable local, state and <br />federal regulations. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantors have hereunto caused their names to be.sub- <br />" L <br />scribed this. ( 4 day of ` F�y- ✓ A h 1981. <br />APN 02- 421 -19 <br />Notary acknowledgment-requited... <br />:•O.O.O.00.000.00000••O.O.O••• <br />• OFFICIAL SEAL o <br />• TERRI L. VIERRA • <br />e NOTARY PUBLIC- CALIFORNIA <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY • <br />My Commission Expires Mar. 16, 1984 <br />•�000.00••O.01�•OOOOi•0000000♦ <br />1 <br />G.D. SPRADL <br />-14EU E. SPRADYIN - <br />Terri L. Vierra, Notary Public <br />2/4/81. <br />VOL 2307PAGE 458, <br />r� <br />