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RECORDING REQUESTED BY <br />C:Lty of; San Luis Obispo <br />AND WHEN RECORDED MAIL TO <br />F J.H. Fitzpatrick, City Clerk <br />Nam. City of .San Luis Obispo <br />Street <br />Addrou Post Office Box 321 <br />City a 990 Palm Street <br />srote L San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 <br />MAIL TA; ETATEMENT11 TO <br />F <br />Home <br />Street N/A <br />Aeerm. <br />City & <br />st.e. L <br />❑ UNINCORPORATED <br />❑ CITY OF <br />.r <br />0 <br />8 .00 Ri <br />DOC. NO. 10185 ` <br />OFFICIAL RECORDS <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO CO., CAL <br />MAR 9 1981 <br />WILLIAM E. ZIMARIK <br />COUNTY RECORDER <br />TIME 2 ® 4 ®- PM, <br />SPACE ABOVE THIS LINE FOR RECORDER'S USE <br />Documentary transfer tax $__: Ng�_____ -__ <br />❑ computed on full value of property conveyed, <br />❑ or computed on full value less liens and en- <br />cumbrances remaining at time of sale. <br />atur o Declarant or Agen <br />determining tax. Firm Name <br />I Grant Deed L <br />THIS FORM FURNISHED BY THE CUESTA TITLE GUARANTY COMPANY <br />FOR A VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, <br />Santa Rosa - Street - Project "(a- limited Partnership)' <br />hereby GRANT(S) to <br />the City of San Luis Obispo <br />the following described real property in the <br />County of San Luis Obispo , State of California: <br />All that portion of property conveyed to Santa Rosa Project (a_limited partnership) <br />by deed recorded in volume 2244 of official records at page 745, office of the <br />county recorder, County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, more particularly <br />described as follows: <br />Parcel 1 <br />An easement to maintain, repair, replace, enlarge, and remove a public storm <br />drain and appurtenances in and across the southerly 10.00 feet of the afore- <br />mentioned deeded land. <br />Parcel 2 <br />A temporary easement for the purpose of constructing said storm drain and appur- <br />tenances over the southerly 25,:00 feet of the aforementioned deeded land: <br />_Dated February 9, 1981 <br />al. Par e <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA General Partne <br />COUNTY OF San Luis Oh-; gp n SS. for Santa Rosa Street,,'_-P j ect <br />On February 9, 1981 before me, the under- <br />signed, a Notary Public in. and for .said State, personally appeared <br />Patrick N. Smith and Frank Piperato, r. <br />known to me <br />to be he person S whose name are 'subscribed to the 'within <br />instr nt and acknowledged t th / executed the. same.. <br />WITNESS J nd and offici 1 seal. / <br />Signature <br />Michelle Lubec <br />Name (Typed or Printed) <br />OFFICIAL SEAL <br />NIMHELLE LUBECKl <br />-(ryd� !�O E'r?YrUC;C-CALIFGr,P1!l1 <br />s C�Y" 41 PR!NCIPAL OI FICE IN <br />SAN LUIS O81SPO COUNTY <br />My Commission Expires Sept. 1, 1934 <br />(This area for official notarial a 1) <br />Title Order No. Escrow or Loan No. - <br />CT 118 <br />MAIL TAX STATEMENTS AS DIRECTED ABOVE <br />VOL 23coq i <br />10PAGE 277 d . <br />