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RECORDING REQUESTED BY <br />City of San Luis Obispo 10 <br />City Clerk's Office <br />p,0. bob �21 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 <br />AND WHEN E ORL7�ED MAIL THIS DEED ND, UNLESS OTHER <br />WISE SHOWN BELOW, MAIL TAX STATEMENTS TO: <br />NAME CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO <br />ADDRESS P.O. BOX 321 <br />CITY a San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 <br />STATE <br />ZIP L <br />Title Order No. Escrow No. <br />• <br />e •oo R <br />DM NO. 16997 <br />OFFICIAL RECORDS <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO CO., Ck <br />APR 171981 <br />WILLIAM E. ZIMARIK <br />COUNTY RECORDER, <br />TIME 8 : o 7 AN <br />SPACE ABOVE THIS LINE FOR RECORDER'S USE <br />Quitclaim Deed <br />The undersigned declares that the documentary transfer tax is $_____ ________ ____None and is <br />❑ computed on the full value of the interest or property conveyed, or is <br />❑ computed on the full value less the value of liens or encumbrances remaining thereon at the time of sale. The land, <br />tenements or realty is located in <br />E] unincorporated area E] city of _._._....San Luis Obispo------------------------------------------------ - - - - -- and <br />FOR A VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, <br />GERARD L. PARSONS, a married man and ROY ALAN PARSONS, a married man <br />do . hereby remise, release and forever quitclaim to <br />CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a chartered municipal Corporation <br />City of <br />the following described real property in the San Luis Obispo county of <br />state of California: <br />The easterly 20 feet of the southerly 49 feet of Lot 4, and the easterly 20 feet <br />of Lot 5, (as measured at right angles to the easterly line of Lots 4 and 5) <br />of Block 147, Harford Addition to the City of San Luis Obispo as shown in Map <br />Book A, at page 123, in the office of the San Luis Obispo County Recorder. <br />Except the northerly 8 feet of the above described property, and <br />Except the southerly 31 feet of the northerly 67 feet of the above described <br />property, and <br />Except the southerly 42 feet of the northerly 149 feet of the above described <br />property, as shown on attached Exhibit A <br />J1Alli V1' l- .C�1Jlllllll�lll <br />COUNTY OF San Luis Obispo SS. <br />On April 16, 1981 before me, the under- <br />signed, a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally <br />appeared Gerard L. Parsons and <br />Rov Alan Parsons ----------- - - - - -- <br />, known to me <br />to be the person S whose name s are subscribed to the within <br />instrument and acknowledged that they executed the same. <br />i <br />dF <br />Signature of Nora <br />FOR NOTARY SEAL OR STAMP <br />o� <br />0 <br />My Commi! <br />^ <br />.. :' s:aaTab <br />OFFICIAL SEAL <br />MARILYN PERRY <br />NOTARY PUBLIC - CALIFORNIA <br />PRINCIPAL OFFICE IN <br />SAN LUIS OSISPO COUNTY <br />Mion Expires Au <br />�. g. 12, 1983 <br />3- 711 -29 & <br />Assessor's Parcel No. ..3- 711- 28....................... <br />MAIL TAX STATEMENTS TO PARTY SHOWN ON FOLLOWING LINE; IF NO PARTY SO SHOWN, '.HAIL AS DIRECTED A130VE <br />Name Street Address City & State <br />L -11 -A (G.S.) (Rev. 8 -75) (8 Pt.) <br />YOL�ecJM PAGE 1109 <br />