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1 <br />'f <br />Vt!q - �.wT-lc <br />i�5 0 3':oad: ree� <br />Sar. L'_! is ObiSno , CA 93401 <br />9/2 1/8129110 4 <br />Doc. NO. 43657 <br />OFFICIAL RECORDS <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO CO., CAL <br />S E P 211981 <br />.. DEED OF EASEMENT WILLIAM E. ZIMARIK <br />COUNTY RECORDER <br />TIME 12 o 1 Pm . <br />CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a Municipal Corporation., as Grantor, <br />hereby- grants to ARNETT & BROADBENT INC., as Grantee, the following <br />e3�P??E'?it .iis the City of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, - <br />to v <br />State of California, to wit: 0 <br />m C mOnc <br />Z�Om <br />An easement for access and walkway to City Parking Lot S, � c o <br />in and across that portion of Lot 11 in Block 88 of the w� m <br />`Mission ;'inevard Tract, according to map filed for record D v <br />on !larch. 8, 1873, in the Office 'of the County Recorder, m a z a <br />described as follows: to 0 " z <br />p Z C N <br />-• m�t�m <br />Beginning at the Southwest corner of said. Lot 11, thence north- „ � a F a � <br />westerly along the westerly line of Lot 11 a distance of 16.00 _< C <br />feet to a point, thence northeasterly at right angle to the c a o <br />last described line 'a distance of 4.00 feet to a point, thence > <br />southeasterly parallel to-the westerly line 'of. Lot�-1 >l --to -a point ?: n o i <br />on the southerly line of said Lot.11, thence along said southerly w' m r- m: <br />line to the point of beginning. M`;Q <br />rM Z i t <br />- <br />r-aol <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantor has hereunto caused his name to be- 3 m z Z! <br />M <br />subscribed this 7th day of July 1981. v <br />CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO <br />_ RON DUNIN <br />*'MAYOR PRO TEEMPORE <br />for h1AY MELANIE C. BILLIG . <br />* * * * * * * * * * * # * * * * * * ** REC-EIVED <br />0i.- <br />OCT 8 1981 <br />ATTEST:" <br />CITY CLERK <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO, CH <br />CITY CLERK PAM LA V E <br />'VOL23J7 PAGE 85 <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA l <br />_ _. t <br />•*��� <br />� ' <br />COL + NTT O FSan Luis Obispo <br />_Angus t.__2 5 _ 19 81 before rte. the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said <br />State. personally appeared_.._-- Ron_DuIIin_ <br />known to mee to h the .`Sas oz_ <br />m <br />y •! .L� -, .!l-�i .:.;'�i iL.a: el!�i:.�v .L•� .A.i!in Ir';'l: ^T: r,. <br />knoAn. :o me to Y the per,�on� uhn executed the within 1 1 1 2 <br />1 Ir <:rt: -tent on l.eha!f of the corporation therein named. and 1 1 1 <br />�, a,lnnu!ei;�ed to me that such corporation executed the <br />Mithin in= trument pursuant to its t}. -laws or a, resolution of =" OFFICIAL SEAL <br />its heard of directors. Qt ' MARILYN PERRY <br />WITNESS my hand and official seal. ® NOTARY PUBLIC- CALIFORNIA <br />s . PRINCIPAL OFFICE IN <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY <br />} (� My Commission Expires Aug. 12. 1983 <br />Signature _� zhZZ t �nI M �G� p6 <br />N END ®� C C U �!{ a ��T (This area for otFL alF (� <br />