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.r ecor4ing requested by the. �' 2398 <br />-00CAE <br />r,Tity of San Luis Obispo. <br />When recorded please return_to: <br />QITif CLERRIS OFFICE <br />City of San Luis ObiS2a* DEED OF EASEMENT A PN 03-702 -o l <br />P.O. Box 321 <br />San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 <br />THIS INDENTURE, made this (0-11- day of Q6j4A 1981, by and <br />between the County of San Luis Obispo, a political sub ivision and one of <br />the counties of the State of California, and the City of San Luis Obispo, <br />a political corporation and one --of-- -the` cities- loccat-ed- -in-the—County —of -- <br />San Luis Obispo, State of California. <br />WITNESSETH <br />That County, hereby grants to the City a waterline easement with <br />rights of ingress thereto and egress. therefrom, to construct, maintain, <br />operate, reconstruct, repair, remove, replace, increase, and /or change. <br />the number and /or sizes of the pipes and appurtenance for a water system <br />under, along, and upon that portion of Section 36, Township 30 South, <br />Range 12 East, Mount Diablo Base Meridian, said easement being 10.00 feet <br />wide lying 5.00 each side of the following described line: <br />Beginning at the northerly corner of the intersection of Bishop. <br />Street and Johnson Avenue, said point of intersection shown as <br />point "B" on the map of the Goldtree Vineyard Tract on file in <br />the Office of the County Recorder in Licensed Surveyors' Book, <br />No. 1, at page 14;. thence South 36° 25' East along the. <br />Northeasterly line of Johnson Avenue as shown on said map, a <br />distance of 45.00 feet to a point; thence North 54a 00' East <br />parallel to Bishop Street as shown on said map a distance of <br />16.00 feet to the true point of beginning; thence continuing <br />North 540 00' East_ a distance of 275.00 feet; thence South 81° <br />00' East 170.00 feet more or less to the intersection of a line <br />that is 5.00 feet easterly of and parallel to the easterly line <br />of the parcel described in volume 1276, page 529, of Official <br />Records, thence along said line a distance of 61.00 feet more <br />or less to the southerly line of the parcel described in volume <br />1276, page 530, of Official Records. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the County of San Luis Obispo has caused its <br />corporate name to be hereunder subscribed by its officer, thereunto duly <br />authorized by resolution of the Board of Supervisors of the County of San <br />Luis- Obispo, State of California, and the seal of said Board of Super- <br />visors to be hereunto affixed on the day and year first above written. <br />County of San Lu:.i s- Obispo.: <br />Chainnart, Board of Supervisors, County of <br />Sao Luis Obispo, ststo of WiNtraw <br />ATTEST: DOC. wO: 33265 <br />OFFICIAL RECORDS <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO CO„ CAL <br />Cwnty Clerk �fr=*Qificio Clerk, Board of Wper.Hoq JUL 21 1981 <br />County cf San Luis Obispo, State of cwifos <br />WILLIAM E. ZIMARIK <br />mcy COUNTY RECORDER <br />WTRLN /ESMT TIME <br />MISC #3 <br />