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STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />COUNTY OF-- S- an_Luls_0biago —._ SS. <br />On August 10, 1981 _ before me, <br />20 1 <br />the undcrsiLneda Votary Public in and for said County and State, <br />personally appeared DOn C. Walter <br />N <br />known to me to be the -- President, and <br />Evelyn Walter _ known to me to be <br />} <br />o Secretary of the corporation that executed the <br />within Instrument, known to me to be the persons who executed the <br />° within instrument on behalf of the corporation therein named, and <br />0 <br />acknowledged to me that such corporation executed the within <br />0 instrument pursuant to its by -laws or a resolution of its board of <br />y directors. <br />4 C <br />V) , <br />C9 Signature <br />m <br />o <br />END OF DOCUMENT <br />0 <br />SAFECO <br />FOR NOTARY SEAL OR STAMP <br />lu: uuw: mw: uununumu ;¢uuuumuptttwuu:;;u,,,,,;,; ,,jilt Rt;anuuume <br />= OFFICIAL SEAL <br />_ <br />`a <br />2ya.r'rn� <br />MILL [CENT M. GILLIS <br />NOTARY YUSLIC CALIFORNIA <br />',5sis1 <br />?.tNCtPAL OF *iCE IN <br />.ry <br />SAN LUIS C315PO COUNTY E <br />G my Ccmmission <br />Expires October•31, 1981 a <br />auwn n u nnuxn a n:rtm: ^: r <br />u: m��ntununuumm�umuuumuunuuuuummmtumu7 <br />VOL2348 PAGM7 <br />