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RECpf•',DING {REQUESTED BY- ' <br />Cir FF SAPS LUIS 03151?O <br />ECORCED PLEASE }� RIV TO- <br />San S OFFICE <br />of S <br />Luis Obispo <br />13.0. Box 321 <br />n Luis ObyspO, CA 9340P <br />U <br />I <br />-143 Soo( <br />DOC. No. 42237 <br />OFFICIAL RECORDS <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO CO., CAL <br />E P 111981 <br />DEED OF EASEMENT WILLIAM E. IIMARIK <br />COUNTY RECORDER <br />TIME 2 :0 0 Ply <br />GEORGE G. MAP,TINES, JR., and ANN E. MARTINES, as Grantors, hereby <br />grant to the CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a Municipal Corporation, as Grantee, <br />the following easement in the City of San Luis Obispo, County of Sa6 Luis <br />Obi sr).o , State of - Cali forni a ,. to . wi t.: -. . <br />An easement to construct, maintain, repair, replace, enlarge, and <br />remove -.a public storm drain and appurtenances in and across that <br />portion of Lot 4 of Tract No. 11 in the City of San Luis Obispo, <br />County of San Luis Obipso, State of California, according to map <br />recorded May 7;'1932 in.Boo:k 5�at Page 30 of Maps,-lying 5 feet <br />each side of the following' described.line: <br />Beginning at the.Northeast corner-of said Lot 4; thence South <br />0° 07' East along the east line of Lot -4 a' distance of 92.00 feet <br />to the true point of beginning; thence -South 59° 16' West a dis- <br />tance of 90.00 a point; thence South_ 34° 27' West to the <br />South line of - Parcel I-as described in Book 1332; Page 184.of <br />Official Records of said County. <br />IN WITNESS 1.4HEREOF, Grantors hav -e hereunto caused their names to <br />be subscribed this ol" day of ��v5�hf 1971. <br />WITNESS: <br />Gegjqje G. Marti nes , J . <br />DATE: April 20, 1972• <br />.Ann E. Martines <br />(Witness) <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />COUNTY OF San Luis Obispo 1 ss. <br />On April 20, 1972 before me, the <br />` undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said State, personally appeared <br />1. H. Fitzpatrick , personally known to <br />me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within Instrument, as <br />W a Witness thereto, who being by me duly sworn, deposes and says: <br />he San Luis Obis o he <br />w That :elides i and that <br />eor runes, jr'. and <br />W was present and <br />saw —� <br />a personally known to lri1 to be the same person. Sdescribed in <br />W and whose, names are subscribed to the within and annexed-Instrument <br />as the - - -Part le s thereto, execute and deliver the same, and <br />_acknowledged to said affiant that t1ley executed the same; <br />and that said affiant suhscribed MM name thereto as a Witness. <br />1 MARILYN PERRY <br />AnTAAY PLIBLIC - CALIFORNIA L-� <br />-V- V V <br />O 4 ame yped or i_nted '_ <br />My Commission &pi ul 0 1975 <br />nn.00c�eue.oua.oa... r;said State <br />1120 <br />VOL 2354 P�� o <br />