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i <br />Recording requested by: 6392 <br />City of San Luis Obispo <br />When recorded, return to: <br />CITY CLEU'S Oni". <br />City of San Luis Obispc <br />P.O. Box 321 <br />S= Lui Obi ^bo, CA 934:*, <br />Doc. Nb. 47181 <br />OFFICIAL RECORDS <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO CO., CA <br />3CT 131981 - <br />WILLIAM E. ZIMARIK <br />j COUNTY RECORDER <br />TIME 1 1 .3 U AN <br />DEED OF EASEMENT <br />WOODGLEN PARK, A JOINT VENTURE, as Grantors, hereby grant to the CITY <br />OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a municipal corporation, as Grantee, the following <br />easement in the City of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, <br />State of California, to wit: <br />An easement with rights in ingress thereto and egress therefrom <br />to construct, maintain, operate, reconstruct, repair, remove, <br />replace, increase and /or change the number and /or sizes of pipes, <br />accessories and appurtenances, for a sanitary sewer system under, <br />along and upon that portion of Lot 5 of Tract 827, according to <br />the map recorded December 24, 1980 in Book 10, Page 59 of Maps. <br />Beginning at the Southerly corner of Lot 5, thence North 54° 58' <br />09" West along the dividing line of Lots 4 and 5 a distance of <br />91.01 feet to the Northwesterly Tract Boundary, thence North 26° <br />30' 00" East along the Northwesterly Tract Boundary at a <br />distance of 25.00 feet, thence South 14° 14' 04" East to a point <br />that is 5.00 feet measured at right angles from the dividing <br />line of Lots 4 and 5, thence South 540 58' 09" East parallel to <br />the dividing line of Lots 4 and 5 to the Northerly line of Sonoma <br />Court, thence South 260 30' 00" West along said Northerly line to <br />the P.O.B. VOL2361 <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantors have hereunto caused their names to be <br />subscribed this _/ day of orf�,P„ 1981. <br />WOODGLEN PARK, a joint venture <br />By. A — <br />ic!� uS rt <br />1, <br />a e A. _Burke <br />er i11M err <br />a ri. 1� Mi: ecr'L <br />Neil T. Malonev <br />.00 RF <br />.00048L <br />PAGE 653 <br />IPA <br />Burt W. Polin <br />State of California <br />County of San Luis Obispo <br />On -----October 5 1981' <br />befor me, the undersigned, a Notary Public <br />in and for said Sate, personally appeared <br />Richard E. Burke, Joanne A. Burke, <br />Robert J. Miller, Patricia J. Miller <br />OFFICIAL SEAL Nei T. Ma one , Shirley J. Maloney <br />CATHERINE tA. COLOMBO Lynn Cooper, Burt W. Po Lin, known to <br />m NOTARY GUBU OBISPO <br />Co ORNIA me, -»one persons whose names are sub- <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTY <br />My Comm. Wires OCT B, 3981 scribed to the within instrument, and <br />acknowledged to me that they executed the <br />S <br />ame. <br />WITNESS my hand and official seal. J <br />Notary Public in and for said State. — �CI�� fArE' 3 <br />