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IN CONSIDERATION of Ten and No /100 Dollars <br />CLARA :D.: =EL <br />l <br />Does Hereby Grant to CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a municipal <br />corporation, all that Real Property situated in the City of <br />San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, <br />described as follows: <br />All that portion of Lot I, Block 138, according <br />to Map of C. E. Phillips Addition to the Town of San <br />Luis Obispo, recorded December 18, 1874, in the Office <br />of the County Recorder of said County, described as <br />follows: <br />Beginning at the most Westerly corner of said <br />Lot I; thence Southeasterly along the Southwesterly <br />line of said Lot, 105 feet to the true point of be- <br />ginning; thence from said true point of beginning on <br />a curve to the left with a radius of 25 feet through <br />an angle of 90° for a distance of 39.27 feet to a <br />point; thence Southwesterly parallel with the North- <br />westerly line of said Lot, 25.feet to a point in the <br />Southwesterly line of said Lot; thence Northwesterly <br />along said Southwesterly line 25 feet to the true <br />point of beginning. <br />WITNESS my hand this AA day of May, 1941. <br />X &aani Z7 yJ/A AeAt <br />STATE OF C " IFORlNIA �p ) <br />UU ) SS <br />On this J7 day of May, 1941, before me, <br />P1 , a Notary Public in and for said County and State, <br />pesonally a peared Clara D. Kefel, known.,to me to be the person <br />described in and whose name is subscribed to the within instrument, <br />J <br />and acknowledged that she executed the same. <br />WITNESS my hand and official seal the day and year in.,- <br />this certificate first above written. <br />,a <br />F.1YCommission Expires 1aty 31, 15;4 Notar Public in and or said County and <br />Stat <br />-DA, <br />