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Recording Requested by:. <br />Flora Lee Price <br />When recorded mail to: <br />San Luis Obispo Public Works Department <br />Transportation and Development Review Divisior <br />955 Morro Street <br />San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 <br />JULIE RODEWI <br />San Luis Obispo Co ClerklRecorder <br />Recorded at the request of <br />Public <br />Doc #: 2004031526 <br />MF <br />4/16/2004 <br />11:33 AM <br />Titles: 1 <br />Pages: 3 <br />Fees <br />13.00 <br />Taxes <br />0.00 <br />Others <br />0.00 <br />PAID <br />$13.00 <br />AGREEMENT AFFECTING REAL PROPERTY AND PERMIT FOR <br />TEMPORARY ENCROACHMENT WITHIN THE PUBLIC RIGHT -OF -WAY <br />t <br />FOR AND IN CONSIDERATION of the issuance of this revocable permit to allow an <br />encroachment temporarily within the public right -of -way, said encroachment consisting of: <br />A short landscape retaining wall, landscaping, and landscape irrigation per the <br />attached plan shown as Exhibit A. <br />The undersigned owners of the real property hereinafter described, hereby covenant with the City <br />of San Luis Obispo to remove said improvements without cost to said City upon thirty (30) days <br />written notice, which may be given by the City at any time at its sole option and discretion. <br />If the owner of the property described below does not remove the encroachment authorized <br />herein when requested by the City, City may proceed to require removal under the Municipal <br />Code nuisance provisions and to assess the cost of said removal against the real property <br />described herein. Owners further acknowledge that, in the event of such removal by City, City is <br />not liable for any damages to the encroachment or to any adjacent real or personal property.. <br />Owner further agrees to hold harmless City from any claims, suits or losses of any kind alleged <br />to have arisen out of the maintenance or placement of said encroachment and to indemnify City <br />for any and all costs of judgments relating to said claims, suits or losses, including attorney's <br />fees. <br />Said property is located in the City of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of <br />California, and is described as follows: <br />1. Tract 2211 Lot 1 as recorded in Book 18 of Maps at Page 31 in the Office of the <br />County Recorder of said county <br />2. Assessors Parcel Number: 053- 400 -003 <br />3. Commonly known as 4300 Larkspur <br />