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RECORDING REQUESTED BY: <br />Fidelity National Title Company <br />Escrow No. 177360 -BB <br />Title Order No. 001 77360 <br />When Recorded Mail Document <br />and Tax Statement To: <br />City of San Luis Obispo /Attn: Public <br />Works Director <br />955 Morro Street <br />San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 <br />JULIE RODElk ) <br />San Luis Obispo County— Clerk/Recorder <br />Recorded at the requesl of <br />Fidelity Title Company <br />D0C#'. 2004043901 <br />GRANT DEED <br />SK <br />5/21/2004 <br />8:00 AM <br />Titles: 1 <br />Pages: 4 <br />Fees <br />0.00 <br />Taxes <br />0.00 <br />Others <br />0.00 <br />PAID <br />$0.00 <br />IHIS uNt run HtUUrlUtn s ust <br />The undersigned grantor(s) declare(s) <br />No Documentary Transfer Tax per Revenue Taxation Code 11922 <br />No recording fee per Government Code 6103 <br />e`s <br />FILED <br />FEE PAID <br />EXEMPT <br />OUT OF <br />STATE <br />FOR A VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, Bradley J. Bilsten and Sara K. <br />Bilsten, Trustees of the Bilsten Family Trust and Anthony G. Gomez and Karilyn L. Gomez, Husband and Wife <br />hereby GRANT(S) to THE CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a Chartered Municipal Corporation of the State of California <br />the following described real property in the City of San Luis Obispo <br />County of San Luis Obispo, State of California: <br />SEE EXHIBIT "ONE" ATTACHED HERETO AND MADE A PART HEREOF FOR COMPLETE LEGAL DESCRIPTION <br />DATED: April 1, 2004 <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />COUNTY OF G?IvZlw, Ogisoo <br />ON 4 before me, <br />Evff personally appeared <br />Nrfcavy G . oM E z. L /t'AR/Lyh L <br />�somc L <br />personally known to me (or proved to me on the basis <br />of satisfactory evidence) to be the person(s) whose <br />name(s) is /are subscribed to the within instrument and <br />acknowledged to me that he /she /they executed the <br />same in his /her /their authorized capacity(ies), and that <br />by his /her /their signature(s) on the instrument the <br />person(s), or the entity upon behalf of which the <br />person(s) acted, executed the instrument. <br />Witness my hand and offi 'al seal. <br />Signature <br />Bradley J. Bilsten and Sara K. Bilsten, Trustees of the <br />Bilsten Fjan-iily,*Kl t <br />92 <br />n, Trustee <br />By: <br />Safa K. Bbte-D, Trustee <br />Anthony G. Go <br />Karilyn L. <br />0 @,ICOMM. 11 BEVAN <br />NOTARY UBLIC CAIJFORNIA @ <br />SAN LUIS OBISPO COUNTYO <br />EXP. APRIL 7, 20051 <br />MAIL TAX STATEMENTS AS DIRECTED ABOVE <br />FD -213 (Rev 7/96) GRANT DEED <br />