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DEED OF LASE ENT <br />C. A. BROWN, as ''rantor, hereby grants to the CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, as <br />Grantee, the following easement in the City of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis <br />Obispo, State of California, to wit: <br />An easement to construct, maintain, repair, replace, enlarge, operate, <br />and remove a public sanitary sewer line in a portion of Lots 6 and 7 <br />Yoakum Poultry Units, in the City of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis <br />Obispo, State of California, and described as follows: <br />BEGINNING at a point on the northwesterly line of said Lot 6, distant <br />thereon North 57° 31' East 133.00 feet from the most westerly corner <br />thereof; running thence North 57° 311 Est a distance of 10.00 feet; <br />thence South 32° 29' East a distance of 100.00 feet; thence South <br />57° 311 West a distance of 10.00 feet; thence north 32° 29' West a <br />distance of 100.00 feet to said point of beginning,,: <br />Containing 0.0230 acres of land more or less. <br />THE GRANTEE SHALL, at its cost and expense, restore any improvements damaged <br />or destroyed at any time by reason of the laying of said sanitary sewers, or by <br />Grantee in maintaining, repairing, operating or removing any sanitary sewer or sewers <br />in said easement, and shall restore the surface of the ground to as near its original <br />condition as possible. <br />IN WTTNESS WHEREOF, Grantor has hereunto caused his name to be subscribed <br />this 0 IV day of � , 1962. <br />C . A. BROWN <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA ) <br />ss <br />CCUNTY OY SAI4 LUIS OBIS PO ) <br />-.n <br />rn_ <br />On this 20th day of August , 1962, before me, J.H. FITZPATRICK , w <br />a Notary Public in and for said County and State, personally appeared C. A. LROJN, <br />known to me to be the person whose name is subscribed to the within instrument and <br />acknowledged, to me that he executed the same., <br />`� <br />�+';.•�� �� Xi <br />: , <br />J. H. F;TZ ATR;CK <br />It <br />�'. <br />^y <br />~` ' <br />NOTARY PUBLIC <br />-0e, rit <br />SA;"I LTS CB:SPO CCUOY <br />N b for <br />R <br />i <br />- <br />1•,P1• <br />cr. ;, ...::a <br />y in and said <br />Gb <br />- ---- - - - - -- - <br />'County and State <br />C �k7.,ts• }: yam° <br />a� <br />. trio tit, <br />66 <br />