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That poition'"of lot 3 in Section 1 of Township 31' South, Range 12 <br />East, Mount Diablo Meridian, in the city of San Luis Obispo, county <br />- <br />of San Luis Obispo, state of California, according to the official <br />plat of said land filed in 'the District Land Office December 13, 18753% <br />described as follows: <br />Beginning at the intersection of the center line of Orcutt Road, 40 <br />feet wide, with the center line of Laurel Lane, 40 feet wide; thence <br />along the centerline of said Laurel Lane, North 300 40' East, 303.74 <br />feet; thence South 59° 20' East 38.00 feet to the true point of <br />beginning; thence continuing South 590 20' East 100.00 feet; thence <br />South 30° 40' West 39.89 feet, to the northerly line of the land <br />described in the deed to Henry-A. Bernard, et ux., recorded May 22, <br />1953 in book 711 page 62, Official Records, in the office of the. <br />_ county- recorder of said countv;.thence along said northerly line,_ <br />South 82° 17' East 182.52 feet to the northeasterly corner of said <br />land of Bernard; thence along the easterly line of said land of <br />Bernard as follows: From a tangent line bearing South 190 56' West, <br />southerly along a curve.concave easterly having a radius of 175 feet, <br />through a central angle of 20° 18', an arc distance of 62 feet; <br />tangent to said curve, South 0° 22' East 28.40 feet and southwesterly <br />along a tangent curve, concave northwesterly having a radius of 20 <br />feet, through a central angle of 90% an arc distance of 31.42 feet <br />to the no line of Orcutt Road, 40 feet wide; thence along <br />said Orcutt Road, North 89° 38' East 90 feet to the westerly terminus <br />of the course recited as having a bearing and length of South 89° <br />38' West, 197.00 feet in the deed to Charles E. Freeman and wife, re- <br />corded May 1, 1957, as instrument No..6777, in book 890 page 85, <br />M <br />Official Records, in the office of said county recorder; thence <br />.,,._�,� ...�.,__.__c -, -__� _J_ <br />'_— aavaa� a:rac wcsa,c- fir- ✓v3aauo;c� vi baac: icraau uca�:t t cu' Tat ,atu ucCta a v' <br />C, <br />Freeman as follows: Northwesterly along a curve concave northeast- <br />erly having a radius of 20 feet, through a central angle of 90% an <br />arc distance of 31.42 feet; tangent to said curve North 00 22' West <br />_ 28.40 feet, and northeasterly along a tangent curve concave south - <br />easterly having a radius of 175 feet through a central angle of 31% <br />an arc distance of 67.63 feet; thence northeasterly in a direct line <br />.5 <br />to the most southerly corner of lot 7 in Block A of Tract No. 20831 <br />as shown on map recorded in book 6 page 49 of Maps, in the <br />the county recorder of said county; thence along the southwesterly <br />line. of ,.,said block A. North 590 20'=�West 312.70 feet to the most <br />westerly cor_ ner_- of_-1ot "43 in, said block A; thence South 30° 40' West <br />' 90.69, - -feet` to the true - point. of `beginning . °`- <br />-� - =- - <br />