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''- RECORDING REQUESTED BY _ <br />Harold Johnson <br />AND WHEN RECORDED, MAIL TO <br />F City Attorney's Office <br />Neese; . Post Office Box 1328 <br />Strom, `�, ,. San. Luis Obispo, California <br />Address J 93401 <br />City 8 L <br />Slele <br />MAIL T" StATUVJDiM TO <br />Hume same as above <br />stre.t <br />Address <br />City & I <br />state k_ <br />TO 402 CA (s -ds) <br />2937 <br />vx1425, 4F t5 <br />SPACE ABOVE THIS LINE FOR RECORDER'S USE <br />7 <br />AFFIX S *. R. STAMPS IN THIS SPACE <br />J <br />J Quitclaim Deed L <br />THIS FORM FURNISHED BY TITLE INSURANCE AND TRUST COMPANY <br />FOR A VALUABLE CONSIDERATION, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, <br />BURT W. POLIN, FRANK TRUCHAN, and CATHERINE TRUCHAN <br />hereby REMISE(S), RELEASE(S) AND FOREVER QUITCLAIMS) to the CITY OF SAN LUIS <br />OBISPO, a Municipal Corporation, <br />the following described real property in the City Of San Luis Obispo county of San Luis Obispo <br />state of California: <br />That portion of Section 27,' Township 30 South, Range 12 East, Mount Diablo Base and <br />Meridian; in the County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, lying North of the <br />following described line: <br />BEGINNING:ia.t the Northwest corner of Lot 3 in Mt. Pleasanton Square No. 2 as recorded <br />May 21, 1928 3, page 104 of Maps; thence S 00 12' 30" East along the dividing <br />line of Lots 2. and 3, a distance of 8.42 feet; thence S 890 35' 30" East, a distance of <br />494.78 feet more or less; thence on a curve concave to the right with a radius of 77.23 <br />feet through an angle of 68° 50' 30" for a length of 92.79 feet tol a point on the Westerly <br />property line of. Santa Rosa Street. <br />Containing .013 acres more or less. <br />Dated January 20 1967 <br />STATE OF CAL ORNIA <br />COUNTY of - n -Luis Obispo Ss. <br />on Jamiary 26 , 1967 before me, the under- <br />signed, a Notary Public in and for said State, personally appeared <br />Burt W. Polin, Frank Truchan, and <br />Catherine Truchan <br />known to me <br />to be the person S wbose name s are subscribed to the within <br />instrument and acknowledged that they executed the same. <br />WITNESS my band and official seal.. <br />Signat ire �_ �_ 'lliti� e ,4 /.S%-T� <br />l C etchen H. Dabeek <br />Name (Typed or Printed) <br />11 ezecated by a Corporation the Corporation Form <br />of Acknowledgment mun be aced. <br />lieGRETCHEN H. DILBECH <br />NOIART PUBLIC <br />SAN C01S OS:SPO tOURTT <br />CALIFORNIA <br />MY coMMtastoN_ExP�eE3JAN.R418.74- <br />Title Order No Escrow or Loan No. <br />(This area for o®elal notarial seat) <br />A. . <br />rn <br />GR <br />NMI <br />MAIL TAX STATEMENTS AS DIRECTED ABOVE 70 1 <br />Cj <br />