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VOL1425 FAU-61 <br />GRANT DEED <br />H. L. MCKEEN and R. M. McKEEN,, as Grantors, hereby grant to the <br />CITY OF SAN LOTS OBISPO, a municipal corporation, as Grantee, all of their <br />right, title, and interest in the following described property in the City <br />of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, to wit: <br />All that part of Section 35, Township 30 South, Range 12 East, Mount <br />Diablo Base and Meridian, according to the official plat or plats <br />of the survey of said lands returned to the General Land Office by <br />the Surveyor General, described as follows: <br />Beginning at the point of intersection of the Northeasterly line of <br />Johnson Avenue with the Northwesterly line of Lizzie St., as said <br />line of Lizzie St, exists since the widening thereof; thence N 360 22' W <br />along said Northeasterly line of Johnson Avenue, 50 feet; thence, <br />N 530 38' E parallel to said line of Lizzie Street, 6 feet; thence <br />S 360 22' E parallel to said line of Johnson Avenue, 40 feet to a <br />point; thence on a curve to the left with a radius of 10 feet through <br />an angle of 900 for a length of 15.71 feet to a point on the Northwesterly <br />line of Lizzie Street; thence S 530 38' West along said Northwesterly <br />line a distance of 16.00 feet to the Point of Beginning. <br />Containing .007 acres,more or less. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantors have hereunto caused their names to be <br />subscribed this 25th day of January , 1967. <br />WITNESS: Lz�— G <br />. Robertson <br />ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: <br />TO 443 C <br />sTATF. OF CALIFORNIA <br />San Luis Obispo "• <br />% r� <br />y <br />R. M. MCREEN <br />O <br />t <br />/cJ3 <br />l7 <br />T <br />CJ <br />ti <br />W <br />V <br />On— January 25, 1967 — _. he[nr,- Im•. <br />Ill,- I ndvi'Phlled. a : wary Public in and (01' <br />said State. per-miall) app,aied George Robertson <br />Ill LUn:InV knnen to Ill,- tip hr Ill,- per,mi <br />naun,- c .uh >eribed of the• ,,ithin In,lrum, nt. a- a Al ilm•:. <br />T <br />Ihi l'et". ,ell, lwing bV Ole duly Pwwrl. depnses <br />and >: % -: <br />W Than he re.ide. in—San Luis Obispo <br />and that he aaP pre,ent and ;al, <br />-- — <br />= H. L. McKEEN & R. M. McKEEN __. vcil <br />idly km,wn tl. him — to be the <ame <br />jwr-m S �h•_,,ihr�l ill and nt,,,s - are �ull„rib,-d <br />a Q 1" IIII N'11I III and all llece, Ill ,t 111111111 the <br />N <br />Kurt e8 cscruh• and d1•1i, 1•r Ihr >an,,-.:uul <br />_ _Iherct��. <br />they the y_ <br />KANDRES KAM <br />:vknllH�led�-,•d I1..aid al3iauv Ilwt <br />-Lis <br />f n`..l;ij:: NOTARY PUBLIC <br />r ♦Trull d Illy �:unr; and Ihut .0 id alli;ull .0 h" rib) d <br />I <br />Jam- SAN LUIS 056PO (OUNTY <br />- Ilalll,` II11'Il9u :1. :1 „II IL <br />%X FPNESS nn t and and ufh iul .etd. <br />(ALIFORNIA <br />Tignaturet <br />' Kandres Blalock <br />iThis area for official notarial seal) <br />t <br />/cJ3 <br />l7 <br />T <br />CJ <br />ti <br />W <br />V <br />