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t <br />W <br />W <br />I <br />W <br />J <br />a <br />a <br />m <br />VJL X33. �r c1. 135 <br />0 °938 <br />GRANT DEED <br />CLELL W. WHELCHEL and HELEN E. WHELCHEL, as Grantors, hereby grant to the <br />CITY OF SAN LUIS OBISPO, a municipal corporation, all of their right, title, and <br />interest in the following described property located in the City of San Luis <br />Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, to wit: <br />That portion of Government Lot of Section 3, in Township 31 South, Range <br />12 East, Mount Diablo Base and Meridian, being partly in the City of <br />San Luis Obispo, all in the County of San Luis Obispo, State of California, <br />according to the official plot of the survey of said lands, approved by the <br />Surveyor General on November 21, 1867, described as follows: <br />Beginning at the true Point of Beginning as recorded in Book 1354, Page <br />513 of Official Records; thence N 780 53' E a distance of 6.68 feet to <br />a point on a curve; thence Northerly on a curve with a radius of 940.00 <br />feet through an angle of 60 21' 33" W for a length of 104.33 feet to <br />a point; thence N 230 47' W tangent to last described curve a distance of <br />97.21 feet; thence S660 13' W a distance of 8.00 feet; thence S 230 WE <br />a distance of 110.00 feet to a point; thence on a curve to the right <br />tangent to the last described line with a radius of 940.00 feet through <br />an angle of 50 29' 09" for a length of 90.00 feet to the Point of <br />Beginning. <br />Containing .035 acres, more or less. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF, Grantors have hereunto caused their names to be <br />subscribed this 12th day of April 1967. <br />CLELL W. WHELCHEL . <br />HELEN E. WHELCHEL <br />TO 447 C <br />I Individual) <br />STATE OF CALIFOHNI;� <br />O <br />COUNTY of San Luis Obispo <br />On April 12. 1967 <br />LwL,rr ml', the undenigned, a NidurY Public in and for said <br />State. personally appeared ('___._IP�1 _�TI �jt]}t <br />__ h_el and HPlen F T17hr�lrhel <br />to he Ilir perm,n S tvhu -c nanS are <br />— —___ -_ wllrarribrd <br />I, Ihr within in= trument and aAin.wdrdgl'd that they <br />"'cuted till' .amp.. — — <br />WITNESS rnp hand and nRcial =,al. <br />Signature <br />Kandres Blalock <br />Name rTvperl or 1'rinrrdl <br />known to Inc <br />E n:_r:c <br />Sit, LJ:� :%� '.i'V itl:IiliY <br />C.AUTC -8A:A <br />T_ (rhia area tar official notarial seal) - -- _ <br />D <br />�C7 <br />CO <br />Qi <br />ti <br />t <br />co <br />