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. W` 8' <br />! VOL1491 PACE114 <br />STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />COUNTY OF 5811 Luis Obiepo <br />} SS. - — <br />On August 19 1968 <br />before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for <br />said State, personally appeared George Re <br />whose name is subscribed to the Instrument, <br />Robertson , personally known to me to be the person <br />within <br />and says: <br />as a Witness thereto, who being by me duly sworn, deposes <br />tt That he resides in San Luis Obis po <br />he <br />C/) <br />rn <br />.-a- <br />i JOYCE CiAMP$$LL <br />and that was present and saw <br />known him <br />I person described in and whose name i8 <br />personally to to be the same <br />subscribed <br />ro <br />CA <br />F. to the within and annexed Instrument as <br />fart y thereto, execute and deliver the same, and Oliii.'rart;!rs, <br />tD <br />she ed <br />acknowledg to said aliiant that <br />executed the <br />±; <br />,. rrnz;irtaa :rmrnfaitnwanrmni�r <br />she s �:• HAROLD JOHNSON y <br />same; and that said a(fiant subscribed <br />•I" name thereto as a Witness. <br />iy.. :.� :C � <br />VARY r'ULLIC — CAL#P'UH J" <br />NVITNES <br />y hand and a seal. <br />tRINIZIPAL t *Fk*.K 1,; e <br />SARI LUIS oB `po COUN V <br />Yy <br />i <br />Signature <br />Harold Johns <br />CC ' " -'ECti �x.PMV H0'V !! 3flt ib, 11970 <br />Name (Typed or rinted) <br />(This area for official notarial seal) 802 <br />