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. Al <br />4 ' <br />_ <br />p { Own CO., CALIF. <br />AUNTY RECORDER 69§2n <br />LIAR 191M <br />GRANT OF EASEMENT <br />41A m' <br />WE <br />QThe undersigned owner of that certain real property located in the <br />City of San Luis Obispo, County of Scan Luis Obispo, State of California, and <br />described as- <br />That portion of Block 10 of the City of San Luis Obispo, in the <br />City of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Obispo, State of <br />California, according to the map thereof recorded in Book A, <br />Page 168 of maps in the Office of the County Recorder of said <br />County, described as follows: <br />Beginning at a point on the northerly line of Higuera Street, <br />distant thereon 143 feet northeasterly from the northeast <br />corner of Broad and Higuera Streets, said point of beginning <br />being the southwest corner of the land described in the deed <br />to William S. Canon, recorded March 21, 1889 in Book 3, <br />Page 629 of deeds; thence southwesterly along the northerly <br />line of Higuera Street 24 feet; thence northwesterly and <br />parallel with the southwesterly line of said Canon lot to the <br />center of the San Luis Obispo Creek; thence northeasterly <br />up the center of said creek 24 feet, more or less, to the <br />southwesterly line of the land described in the aforementioned <br />deed to William S. Canon; thence southeasterly along said <br />southwesterly line to the point of beginning. <br />The undersigned hereby grants to the City of San Luis Obispo an ease - <br />ment extending over all that portion of the above described real property lying <br />between the rear property line and the top of the bank of San Luis Creek for <br />0v -03.00 B <br />TJC4�-0003 A <br />the purpose of planting and maintaining trees, shrubs, plants and other landscaping <br />improvements in accordance with a landscaping plan approved by the City <br />Planning Director, and further grants unto the said City an easement eight <br />feet (8) wide as hereinafter described extending the full width of the property <br />along the top of the creek bank for public walkway purposes: <br />Commencing at the Southerly corner of said Block; thence N 53° <br />07' East along the Southerly line of said Block a distance of <br />203 feet; thence North 36° 53' West 149.44' to a point on the <br />Westerly line of an eight foot easement granted to the City of <br />San Luis Obispo by Muzio Properties; thence South 35° 31' <br />West a distance of 25.69 feet to an angle point on said easement <br />line; thence South 43° 40' West a distance of 36.01 feet to the <br />true point of beginning; thence South 44° 09' West a distance of <br />24.68 feet to a point; thence North 361 53' West a distance of 8.13 <br />feet to a point; thence North 440 09' East a distance of 24.68 feet <br />to a point; thence South 360 53' East a distance of 8.13 feet to the <br />true point of beginning. <br />DOCUMENTARY TRANSFER TAX $..- ..V- -- ......_ <br />' _ -r <br />SIGNED . ?ARTY OR AGENT RM NAME <br />Sir 'r ! 13111 ?AGE ) <br />