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lift <br />,RECORDING RE U ESTBY <br />RECD Q <br />"J. 0. FITYATRIC& Ck AGItI~t?>b: NT 0 415440 100 -00.00 1 A <br />1I TiiI.S AGREEINI"E'NT emcuted this 24th day of March , <br />!� 9 <br />2 <br />1969 by and between Elsie P. Muzio hereinafter called Grantor, and the <br />3; City of San Luis CbiVO, a charter city Of the 5t8oe of California, heretufte called <br />4I City. <br />51 WITNESSETH: <br />611 1. Grantor ne=by SIM= to City an casement over the faltlowiue; described <br />7 I seal property located In the City of Lan Luis abisio, County of San Luis Apo, <br />8 State of California for Pubu c valkway or pedestrian mall pnrpoaee and far iLMllatfou <br />9 of 14 dUg and pedesul4a walkway lasprovulsmentas thereon: <br />10. An easement for ash eight foot wide valkway In that po=tion of Block <br />11 10 of the Town of San Luis Obispo, in the City 01 San Luis Obispo. <br />County of :Ian Luis. Obispo, Seaw of California. according to the <br />12 map ieed for record Iaay 1, 1878 in Book A. at Page 168 of Maps. <br />In the Office of the County Recorder of said County, descry ed as <br />13 failuws: <br />14 Commencing at thef cSOutherly corner of said Flock; th nce North 53° <br />07' East along the Southa iy line of said Bloc's a distance of 803 feet; <br />15 the= North 36° 53' West. 144.44 feet to tba true point of beginning; <br />thence South 350 31' West, 25.69 fit; thence South 430 40' West. <br />16 36.01 feet; thence North 360 53' West, 6.13 feet; thence North 430 <br />40' Eaast, 34.60 feet; thence North 350 31' East, 27.20 feet; tbe�re <br />17 South 360 58' fta,( 8.41' to the true point of beginning. <br />18 2. Gnaw f ajhea Su to city an easement for landaping purposes <br />19 =ORMIM tbO AIll width lad the property described as i'src el 2 in PWIgMph 4 below <br />20 I from the rear of the P9*StZ1ft walkway e~assement set fourth In the precedWS <br />211 !?axaSruph to the tear Property lice of said PgxceJ 2 along San Low Chispo Creek. <br />22 3. Inc of the grant of said easements. City agrees to bmr all <br />23 egense connemd wkh Im roving and mabMining sasid laandsoping and walkmy, <br />24 bminding in munticm ofJLPP=Friatae l4ftting, of the area. <br />25 4 • It is understood astd agreed that any U me after pumary 1. 1974 City <br />i <br />26 ' shad ewcute and delis to the record owner our owners a quaclaim of all rlGlIza <br />27 or interests hereunder W a wrItten request far such action to presented to the City <br />1' <br />28 I Council which bears the .signatures of the owner or owszeras at all of vie fcsllflv ins <br />291 described real property:: <br />30 Parcel 1: <br />3111 That portion of Mock 10 of the Town a ban Leis Obispo, in ti& Ctty <br />11 of San Luis Obispo, County of San Luis Ch State of Sta of California., <br />32 accardIng to the r.,)a/py Illeed fox record '-,-.ay 1,. 18878 inp.Book Ay�aatt Pa e <br />OFFICE OF THE .1t,`. 8 Q+ I':ZP3 In tbO OMce of the �.Iounrl d1F:.cor&I 0f WXl Cour y, <br />CITY ATTORNEY i, described as follows: 7734 - -- <br />CITT HALL I DOC. N0. `- <br />880 PALM STREET _ <br />P. o. BOX Iaza y- 9FF+CIAL- RECORD$ <br />SAN 01 SAN LUIS OBISPO CO., CAU& > <br />(1308) 843 -8666 i COUNTY RECORDER <br />i <br />APR 151969 <br />�c <br />TIME 1;-,6--S- P/"j <br />01 r7 <br />i WA514 ?AGE 1 /_5 <br />