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5 Council, Memorandum <br />September 2, 2014 <br />TO: <br />FROM: <br />VIA: <br />SUBJECT <br />City Council <br />Wayne Padilla, Finance & I.T. Director <br />Katie Lichtig, City Manager <br />COUNCIL MEETING; wad �,1t <br />ITEM NO.: 1 5 <br />RE IEC VED <br />SEP 0 2 2014 <br />CITY. L C <br />Agenda item B -1 Formation of Parking Authority and B -3 Parking Authority <br />Approval of Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement <br />This item is on this evening's business item agenda for approval, however staff discovered this <br />afternoon that in December 1982 the City Council approved the formation of a Parking <br />Authority. Therefore this agenda item, which is one of three items on tonight's agenda related to <br />the upcoming financing of the LOVR overpass expansion project, can be removed from the <br />agenda. <br />I have provided as an attachment, a copy of the 1982 resolution for your review. <br />Bond Counsel has indicated that the resolution of the Parking Authority approving the Joint <br />Exercise of Powers agreement, which is part of Agenda item B -3, should be amended to <br />establish the Mayor as the Chairperson of the Parking Authority and provide that either one of us <br />may sign the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement if the City Council concurs this evening. An <br />amended resolution will be provided to the Council at the meeting. <br />File path <br />