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page 1 of 12 <br />�Pi of r <br />State of California FILE <br />�r r Secretary of State <br />04tiFOPN1P <br />FILED <br />NOTICE OF A JOINT POWERS AGREEMENTry of %ft <br />(Government Code section 6503.5) Of C111111116MIS <br />Instructions: SEP 16 2014 <br />1. Complete and mail to: Secretary of State, P.O. Box 942877, <br />Sacramento, CA 94277 -0001. <br />2. Include filing fee of $1.00. (office use only) <br />3. Do not include attachments, unless otherwise specified. <br />4. A copy of the full text of the joint powers agreement and amendments, if any, must be submitted to the State <br />Controller's office. For address information, contact the State Controller's office at <br />Name of the agency or entity created under the agreement and responsible for the administration of the agreement: <br />San Luis Obispo Public Financing Authority <br />Agency's or Entity's Mailing Address: 990 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo, California 93401 <br />Title of the agreement: Joint Exercise of PowersAgreement <br />The public agencies party to the agreement are (if more space is needed, continue on a separate sheet and attach it to <br />this form): <br />(1) City of San Luis Obispo <br />(2) Parking Authority of the City of San Luis Obispo <br />(3) <br />Effective date of the agreement: September 15, 2014 <br />Provide a condensed statement of the agreement's purpose or the powers to be exercised: Exercise any power common to the <br />members and all additional powers given to a joint powers authority under applicable law for the purposes of assisting any member in acquiring, constructing, improving or financing capital <br />improvements or other assets; financing working capital and addressing other cash-flow needs; refinancing any outstanding obligations; and making loans to or otherwise assisting with <br />financings for entities (public or private) that are not members but are either controlled by a member or determined by a member to be of benefit to the member. <br />RETURN ACKNOWLEDGMENT TO: (Type or Print) Ga 1 12 <br />Date <br />NAME F n icia Agai= <br />ADDRESS C=icc Hm:d 1 & 51ztchffe I�Lp ignature <br />400 Capitol Maa, Ste. 3000 <br />CITY /STATE /ZIP L S9� , CA 95814 Patricia L. Eichar, Managing Associate <br />Typed Name and Title <br />SEC /STATE NP /SF 404A (REV. 10 /2010) <br />