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ALEX PADILLA I SECRETARY OF STATE STATE OF CALIFORNIA <br />O•; •. TA <br />ELECTIONS DIVISION <br />1500 11'x' Street, 5'i' Floor, Sacramento, CA 95814 Tel 916.657.21661 Fax 916.653.3214 1 <br />ISO <br />FEB 2 7 2015 <br />February 20, 2015 <br />County Clerk /Registrar of Voters (CC /ROV) Memorandum #15013 <br />TO: All County Clerks /Registrars of Voters and City Clerks <br />FROM: /s/ Katherine Montgomer <br />Initiative Program Manager <br />RE: Initiatives: Report on County and Municipal Initiative Measures <br />(2013/2014) <br />On or before April 1 of each odd - numbered year, Elections Code sections 9112 and <br />9213 require each county elections official and each city clerk to file a report with <br />our office describing the citizen - generated initiative measures within their <br />jurisdiction during the preceding two years. The April 1, 2015, report must contain <br />information on all citizen - generated initiative measures circulated or voted on in <br />calendar years 2013 and 2014. Please note: A measure placed on the ballot by <br />the legislative body (board of supervisors or city council), recall, referendum, or due <br />to the passage of Proposition 218 is not required to be reported. <br />Attached you will find a reporting form to assist you in making this report. Please <br />report on the form even if you had no initiative measures in your county or city <br />during this time period. <br />The report is due in our office no later than April 1, 2015. Please return the form to: <br />Katherine Montgomery <br />Elections Division <br />Secretary of State <br />1500 11th Street, 5th Floor <br />Sacramento, CA 95814 <br />Please do not hesitate to call me at (916) 657 -2423 if you have any questions or <br />comments. <br />