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�tY )ts� <br />* 44�at O S�is omspoOFFICE OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />g O990 Palm Street ■ San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-3249 ■ 805/781-7119 <br />May 2, 2014 <br />VIA FAX ONLY (916) 651-4913 <br />The Honorable Jerry Hill <br />Member, California State Senate <br />State Capitol Building, Room 5064 <br />Sacramento, CA 95814 <br />RE: SB 1451 (Hill) Environmental Quality: Judicial Review: Standing <br />(As amended on April 21, 2014) <br />NOTICE OF SUPPORT <br />Dear Senator Hill: <br />The City of San Luis Obispo supports your legislation, SB 1451, a measure intended to address <br />"document dumping." <br />As a city, we often serve as a lead agency on projects involving CEQA and believe in ensuring <br />that the process is transparent, open to the public and with ample opportunity to participate. <br />However, under existing law, a person can choose not to participate in the public comment <br />period and wait up until the public hearing on the project and then "dump" large amounts of <br />information in the lap of the lead agency in order to delay the hearing and the project. <br />SB 1451 seeks to resolve this issue while balancing the importance of public participation and <br />the need for lead agencies to receive timely comments in order to address concerns early in the <br />process. SB 1451 would require comments during the comment period with two exceptions. <br />The first exception is where no comment period was provided, and the second is where the <br />comments couldn't have been presented during the comment period because the information <br />wasn't available at the time. We appreciate this commonsense change that would improve the <br />CEQA process. <br />For these reasons, the City of San Luis Obispo supports SB 1451. <br />Sincerely, <br />J Marx <br />ayor <br />cc: Senator Bill Monning, fax 916-651-4917 <br />David Mullinax, League of CA Cities <br />Kirstin Kolpitcke, League of CA Cities, fax 916-658-8240 <br />