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4�4 city of sAn luis oBispo <br />� O <br />0 Q - <br />�! N OFFICE OF THE CITY COUNCIL <br />4 IS O 990 Palm Street ■ San Luis Obispo, CA 93401-3249 ■ 805/781-7119 <br />May 20, 2014 <br />VIA FACSIMILE ONLY 202-224-0454 <br />The Honorable Barbara Boxer <br />United States Senate <br />112 Hart Senate Office Building <br />Washington, DC 20510 <br />Re: Transportation Alternatives Program ("TAP") and MAP-21 <br />NOTICE OF SUPPORT <br />Dear Senator Boxer <br />On behalf of the City of San Luis Obispo, I am writing to urge your support for a <br />multiyear surface transportation bill that will provide local economies the resources to keep up <br />with transportation needs and ensure a strong role for local officials in selecting the projects that <br />are funded. If Congress fails to act, cities will have to delay or cancel projects indefinitely. For <br />local governments, transportation keeps economies moving and growing and ensures that freight <br />gets to its final destination. <br />Local governments are the major owners and operators of roads, bridges and transit <br />systems in the United States and contribute substantial amounts of funds for transportation. <br />Building and maintaining the transportation network would not be possible without the federal - <br />state -local partnership and federal funds that support highways, bridges, and transit systems. <br />A strong transportation network is good for the economy. Transportation creates jobs, <br />and moves people and goods around our community and throughout the country. The <br />transportation projects in our city benefit our local community and contribute to the economy <br />encourage you to act quickly to adopt legislation that continues to support these vital <br />transportation links to our national transportation network. <br />Thank you for your continued support for strong, vibrant local communities. <br />Sincerely, 1/ <br />Marx <br />ayor <br />Cc: City Council <br />JKevin McCarty, US Conference of Mayors, kmccagy@usma. o�g <br />